Magic Cabin, Rubens Barn Original Doll Review and Giveaway!!!

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I have been a Magic Cabin customer for so long and they are really a company that has stood the test of time.  For being a mom for over 2 decades, I can remember when there was no online shopping and pouring over the catalog when it arrived and then placing my order over the phone or by snail mail.  Can you even imagine that now?  One thing is certain this company is here to stay and is one I can count on for original, fun, educational and active toys for kids of all ages.  Now, if you are ready for a double dose of cuteness, have I got something to share!!!


I don’t know if I have told you before, but I love dolls and still have all of mine from when I was a child and have collected many more over the years.  I am a sucker for unique and adorable dolls.  When I saw the Rubens Barn Dolls, Original Doll Collection, I was in love!  Then I saw Magic Cabin carries the Rubens Barn Dolls Collection and I felt like I would never be able to choose between the babies that are anatomically correct, or the kids, or the party collection or the original dolls, or the…well, you get the idea.  I went back and forth and I know myself I will end up getting one of each, but I started with one of the original dolls and the choice among just those six little, adorable, pudgy toddlers was so hard.  I ended up choosing Emil because I thought my preschooler would relate to him as he seemed to have a head of crazy hair.  My preschooler has the curly hair like 2 of his siblings and believe me some days we have a struggle to tame his mane.

Do you know sometimes when you order something and you are disappointed because it’s not as great as what you saw in the pictures?  I have had that happen a few times with dolls.  However this was the polar opposite, Emil is so much more adorable and endearing in person it’s unbelievable.  His weighted bottom and size give you a whole armful to hold.  This is definitely a substantial sized doll, I would have loved to have these dolls when I was younger.

When my preschooler saw me holding him, he thought he was a real child.  Then he was amazed and could not help giving his hair a tussle, and  this big, chubby toddler a hug.  The great thing is the dolls are machine washable so they can get dirty like real kids and can partake in lots of childish fun with the kids that love them.  We decided he needed a diaper, so we added a disposable, this little guy wears a size 4 diaper to give you an idea of his size.  Then we dressed him and he was ready for  adventure whatever that may be.  I love to pose him on one of my antique school desks as he looks so sweet.  Now which one should I get next, decisions, decisions!


Each of these handmade dolls from Rubens Barn® is fun to play with and soft to hold. The chubby, cuddly dolls have sparkly embroidered eyes, downy hair, and sweet pixie faces.


About Rubens Barn Dolls:
Since 1995, Rubens Barn® (“Barn” means “children” in Swedish) has been creating beautiful dolls with a level of charisma, innocence, and heart, unlike any dolls on the market today. Designed in Sweden, each lovable soft-sculpted doll has a unique personality. All have the signature sparkly embroidered eyes, sweet pixie face, and weighted bottoms that make them feel much like a real baby when held. Their bodies are made from the softest fleece so that every hug is warm and comforting. 

Each doll is machine washable. The removable clothes can be hand washed. No matter which Rubens Barn® character you choose for your own child, he or she is sure to be an enchanting friend for life.




Magic Cabin is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!  One lucky blog reader will win their choice of doll from the Rubens Barn Original Doll Collection (subject to availability).  Thank you Magic Cabin for the review doll and for sponsoring this absolutely adorable giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

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19 Responses to Magic Cabin, Rubens Barn Original Doll Review and Giveaway!!!

  1. lisa lo

    The Rubens Barn® Mini Ballerina Dolls are really cute too.

  2. Lee L

    Little Meiya is super cute!

  3. Natalie S

    Little Emil is adorable!

  4. Shelley P

    I like Little Emil.

  5. D Schmidt

    Visited the site and I really like Little Meiya

  6. Kimberly Schotz

    My granddaughter would love Little Anna

  7. Mayla M

    I’d choose Little Emil.

  8. My daughter likes Little Ida!

  9. Jessica

    I would choose Little Anna


    I would choose Little Meiya.

  11. Carmen Van Deursen

    I like little Harry.

  12. jessica edwards

    little anna

  13. Angie Moeller

    LOVE Emil, that is my dads middle name. And Ida is my grandmas name! :0) so cute!

  14. Jessica C.

    I would choose Little Anna

  15. Meghan Finley

    Little Ida would be my choice

  16. Jessica O

    These are so cute! I love the Little Ida doll!

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