SodaStream Home Seltzer and Soda Maker Review & Giveaway!!!

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We don’t drink soda very much at all, but we do drink flavored seltzer all the time.  A few things that bother me is  all the plastic being wasted on  individual bottles of seltzer, then the lugging them back and forth, being charged a deposit that we never redeem as we just recycle them and knowing my water is much healthier than wherever they are getting theirs.  The SodaStream is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and is great for making your family lots of healthy carbonated drinks as well as soda.  For instance you can add a little fruit juice to seltzer water you make with the soda stream and have refreshing juice spritzers.  The SodaStream is super easy to use right out of the box.  You just insert the CO2 cylinder, then wash the soda bottles and fill them with cold water and screw onto the SodaStream.  A few pushes for carbonation and add the flavor of your choice and you are all set.

They have natural essence for flavored seltzer in orange, lemon-lime and raspberry.  I added a little orange essence and poured it over ice and it was delicious and my kids thought so too.  Also, if we have someone stopping by that does want a soda, I can make them some with the concentrate and have it fresh without having to keep big bottles on hand.  It is great for parties where you want a variety of flavors to be available for guests.  If you are looking for a way to save plastic, time, energy and use your own water to make carbonated beverages, you should check out the SodaStream.  The SodaStream is available in so many retail stores now like Macy’s  Kohls, Wal Mart, Target, Costco and more.  Just exchange the CO2 cylinder when it is empty at any retailer for a full cylinder as well as shop for supplies.  I love the sleek styling of the SodaStream Genesis and it goes great in my kitchen not taking up much room at all.  Whatever your taste and your needs you are bound to find the right SodaStream for you!















SodaStream is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win a Fountain Jet Seltzer Starter Kit!  Thank you SodaStream for the review Genesis Soda Maker and Supplies and for sponsoring this bubbling giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

SodaStream, Fountain Jet Seltzer Starter Kit Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:  

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38 Responses to SodaStream Home Seltzer and Soda Maker Review & Giveaway!!!

  1. debra b

    The flavor I want to try is the Cola because I am a pepsi drinker and this really appeals to me

    Thank you for offering this fantastic giveaway 🙂

  2. steve weber

    I would like to try the cola.

  3. lisa lo

    Root beer and Country Time lemonade would be liked a lot at my house.

  4. Jessica

    I would love to try the fountain mist

  5. Karen

    I would like to try Cranberry Rasberry

  6. Brittany M

    I would like to try the Sparkling pink grapefruit! thanks for the givaway! (:

  7. Pam

    Country Time Lemonade

  8. Wendy W.

    I would like to try Dr. Pete!

  9. Sonya Morris

    I would like to try the Diet Caffeine-Free Cola.

  10. Harmony Burmeister

    Would like to try the root beer

  11. christopher sorel

    cane sugar cola

  12. Laurel O.

    I would love to try the Sparkling Naturals Pink Grapefruit or Black Currant Pear!

  13. Addison Kat

    I’d like to try the ginger ale or cream soda

  14. Dustin

    tonic… yummers!

  15. D Schmidt

    I would like to try the ginger ale

  16. Heather!

    I’m really curious about the root beer and Fountain Mist flavors!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  17. Thomas Murphy

    I want to try Root beer

  18. Vicky G

    We would love to try the diet root beer and the seltzer water!

  19. Ignacio

    I would like to try cream soda!

  20. Melissa F.


  21. I’d like to try the Energy

  22. Rochelle Sindelar

    Wow…I didn’t realize all the flavors they have. I would love to try the Crystal Light, my kids would love the Kool Aid and my husband would love to try the Energy Drinks. So many great flavors with a variety that covers the whole family. 🙂

  23. Kris

    I would love to try the Diet Citrus Green Tea! I love green tea and bubbles! MmM!

  24. Sandy B

    I would like to try the energy drink

  25. Billie

    Want to try orange and creme soda!

  26. Connie O'Brien

    I have tried a few flavors and they are awesome. I just read on their FB page that they have tweaked the Cola flavors so that they taste more like “mainstream”. I can’t wait to try the Cola Free cuz I love my Coke Zero!

  27. Jennifer C

    Sparkling Naturals Ginger Ale

  28. Amanda Wallis

    Cherry Cola

  29. Jessica C.

    Soda Mix Cola

  30. johnny-amy lynn

    dr pete and cola!!!

  31. Kortney Tenaglia

    Would love to try Dr Pete and Cream Soda 🙂

  32. Erika P.

    Energy drink


    I would love to try their Cherry Cola!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  34. Anne N.

    I like to try the root beer.

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