Preserve Those Magical Years With Your Santa Story DVD!!!

santastorylogoI don’t know about you, but my little ones may be just 3 and 5 but they are sharp, and I feel like those magical years with Santa which have just begun are very numbered.  I want to have that magic with them as long as possible, and so when I was introduced to Your Santa Story a few weeks ago I was intrigued.  Your Santa Story is a custom DVD that you customize easily online, and play for your child Christmas morning.  In this special personalized video for your whole family, Santa comments on the cookies that were left for him, the pets he saw and since you customize the entire script,  Santa will call each child by name and praise them on whatever you put in the script that they worked hard at all year.  For instance he can praise a school age child for the strides they made in their multiplication tables or a younger child on sharing with siblings. The last thing Santa will say is that he left one gift for the family in a place you specified in the script. Since you customize the script, you put whatever you want in it.  When you are done with the script you will be able to review and approve it and then once you have given the okay, your DVD will be created and shipped out to you.  I cannot wait to see everyone’s face when I put this in Christmas morning, I even put something in for the older kids hehehe, it is going to be great.  When Santa talks about things he could have only see by being in our home the night before my little ones will be very impressed and hopefully that magic will last a little longer.  If you are looking for something special to preserve that Santa magic in your home for a few priceless years, check out Your Santa Story.   You can also find Your Santa Story on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!



 Thanks to Your Santa Story for providing me with the opportunity to create a custom DVD for my family.

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