“Mama Said Nog You Out” by The Jimmies

Are you looking for some different music this holiday season? If you are, you should check out; Mama Said Nog You Out by The Jimmies.  Internationally acclaimed media-darlings, The Jimmies offer up a super-poppy, ultra-rocking non-denominational holiday album that’s guaranteed to put a little more egg in your nog and mistle in your toes.

I recently received this CD for review from Sugar Mountain PR and could not help but smile when I listened along.  My favorite was Nothin’ For Christmas, which was super cute.  If you are looking for something different, that is catchy and will have you singing right along, this is just the album for you!

Disc 1 (Listen to Tracks Here!)
  1. 1 Nogturne In C Minor (2:22)
  2. 2 Nothin’ For Christmas (2:50)
  3. 3 Marshmallow World (2:34)
  4. 4 Jingle Bells Redux (1:53)
  5. 5 Chrismukaah (2:19)
  6. 6 I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas (2:22)
  7. 7 Sleigh Ride (3:01)
  8. 8 Chanukah, Oh Hanuka, Oh Hanukkah Medley (2:27)
  9. 9 All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth (2:57)
  10. 10 Every Day’s a Holiday (2:06)
  11. 11 Christmas Eve (1:48)
  12. 12 I Want a Hippopotamus For Hanukkah (2:22)
  13. 13 I Want a Hippopotamus For Kwanzaa (2:21)

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