Breadman Convection Bread Machine with Handles TR2700 Review!!!

I was thrilled to be asked to do a review of the Breadman Convention Bread Machine TR2700 with Handles.  This bread machine is super easy to set up and use right out of the box.  All you need to do is wash out the bread pan and attach the paddle, decide on a recipe and set the bread maker with your preferences.  This bread machine is great because it has 16 baking functions as well as three loaf size options and 3 crust browning options. If you love the settings and want to be sure to get the same results you can save them for the next time. Lots of flexibility like a 24 hour delay bake timer, power failure protection and a 10 minute pause timer will help you get the most out of this bread machine.  The recipe book that is included has loads of recipes and you can use the machine to make doughs and then shape and finish baking in the oven for pretzels, rolls, shaped breads and more. Great additional functions like low-carb, gluten-free and Rapid Bake. Automatic Fruit & Nut Dispenser adds extras automatically, so you can have fresh-baked fruit & nut breads without waiting around for a signal.

The first recipe we tried was a french bread with a crispy dark crust.  Well, let me tell you this bread was cut before I could even take a picture of the loaf.  Supposedly my husband “forgot” we were reviewing it.  Anyway I did get there in time to take a few pictures before it was devoured.  It was delicious with a very nice, crispy crust.  The machine lets you choose 3 loaf sizes from 1 lb to 2 lb loaves.

The second bread we made was a buttermilk white and we programmed a dark crust.  It came out wonderful and so unbelievably delicious.  It is my new favorite.  It is so simple and fast to put just a few ingredients in, set the machine and you are done.  You put the liquid ingredients in the bottom then the dry ingredients on top and on yeast breads make a well and put the yeast on top.  I love the handles make the machine so easy to move and carry.

If you are in the market for a bread machine, please take a good look at the Breadman Convection Bread Machine with Handles TR2700.  It is such a great idea for a holiday gift so we are putting it on our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.



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