Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier Review & Giveaway!!!


Does the air in your refrigerator smell amazing?  You probably think I am nuts to ask such a question but it really can.  I was asked to review an ionic air purifier for your refrigerator by Oransi.  This little unit is so easy to use, you just insert 2 double A batteries, set it in your fridge and push the button.  When you first turn it on it will run for 30 minutes continuously and then for about 5 minutes every 2 hours.  This purifier is safe and features patented Piezo-electric technology that cleans the air in your refrigerator silently without the harmful side effects of ozone that is found in standard ionizers.  Another great feature about this unit is that there are no replacement filters needed and nothing to clean.  The unit can run for up to 90 days on the two batteries so it is very inexpensive to run and it is silent with no fans.  It will effectively remove odors and bacteria to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and your food fresher. The Ionic Fridge air purifier has received safety certifications from GS and CE as well as the RoHS lead free directive. Made of durable fire-resistant ABS materials. Tested for ozone production by ITI (Industrial Research Technology Institute) and found to be 0.011 ppm which is 78% below FDA limits.

I was very impressed with the unit, it is small but well made and I could notice a difference right away in the quality and freshness of the air.  I love that it sterilizes my fridge once an hour, that is really good news to this germophobe.  The fact that it reduces food spoilage and prevents mildew is wonderful and the unit can also be used in closets to neutralize stale air or foul odors.   This is a great gadget and I highly recommend it.  You can visit them on Facebook or check them out on Twitter.

 Oransi is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own Oransi Ionic Fridge Purifier.  Thank you Oransi for the review purifier and for sponsoring this great giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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