Paint Chips?

When I see the words paint chips, I think of the scary public service announcements showing a toddler playing in an old house by a peeling windowsill.  Paint Chips though are not scary on Pinterest, in fact they are the stars of some really great craft projects.  Of course I am not talking about peeling paint but of the sample cards you use to select paint.  After seeing some of the great projects, I was intrigued but I did wonder, what stores thought of these now countless women marching in and leaving with stacks of  paint chips and no paint.  Would stores soon be locking up the paint chips behind the counter?  Would paint chips start to be rationed?  If so, I better get some while I can.

So, in the store the other night passing by a very colorful selection of paint chips; I decided to take a few samples.  I had my 3 and 5-year-old with me and my 3-year-old was generously helping but mainly picking out the same color and then handing them to me saying, “Look Mommy, I got these for you.”  It might have been my imagination because the store was relatively empty, but it seemed like a manager was watching me and every announcement I heard was, “Security please go to the paint department, there is a woman taking paint chips.”   I worked through the anxiety and knew that other pinners had to have done the same thing and they not only lived but created something useful and pinned it.  So I took my paint chips and put them in the pocket of my purse and continued shopping.  Now I need to find a project.


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2 Responses to Paint Chips?

  1. Karen Medlin

    Cool idea’s… The calendar is my favorite!

  2. Jennifer C

    That is so funny…I’ve been wondering how people get so many paint chips without getting caught! 🙂 lol! I was thinking they (the stores) will probably start charging a small fee.

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