My Project and Experience Using Fusion Spray Paint For Plastics!!!

A few years ago on a trip through the Home Depot.  I saw about 3 kid’s True Temper wheel barrels on the side of an aisle in the garden center.  They were marked $4.99.  I found this a little strange since they were very well constructed and upon further inspection saw that they were faded in some spots in the interior and that is why I guess they were reduced in price.  Considering a flimsy plastic one can cost more than $4.99, and these were structurally sound, I picked one up and brought it home. Well, it has been going strong for a few years now but the red has faded more all over now and looks tired.  It is one of my three-year old’s favorite toys and he likes doing “yard work” with it.  So I picked up some green Fusion spray paint as well as some green for metal for the bracket stand.  I had yellow at home for the handles and planned to create a John Deere color pattern.

The next day I set out getting the unit disassembled, cleaned the plastic body and  then applied the paint.  It went on very easy, did not drip and dried very quickly.  It does say that it dries in 15 minutes and is dry to the touch in an hour.  I applied a second coat and then finished by using the rest of the can to go over the inside where it would get the most wear.  I also used the paint on the plastic inside the tire.  I sprayed the metal parts with a green spray paint for metal and did the handles in yellow.  I reassembled it a few days later and voila, a new John Deere theme wheel barrel ready for more years of fun and a very happy 3-year-old who thinks Mommy is the best!!!  Have you used Fusion spray paint?  If you have, I would love to hear about your experience and see your projects.  Please share with your comments below.


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