Laundry Tarts, Strip It Review and Detergent Sampler Pack Giveaway!!!

I am so excited about this review today! In my 4 years of cloth diapering, I’ve had stinky problems with my diapers, they had an ammonia smell. I tried everything to get rid of it, from rinsing multiple times in the washer, to rinsing by hand with super hot water in the tub, to stripping with the Dawn dish soap, vinegar and baking soda. I seriously tried everything! But nothing worked, I even quit cloth diapering several times because I was sick of it and couldn’t get them to stop smelling!

So when Laundry Tarts sent me their product, Strip It, a cloth diaper stripping product, I was cautious, but hopeful. Strip it is formulated to strip out all of the odors and residues from excess detergent in your diapers. It can also be used to brighten your clothes and even clean carpet stains!

I followed the simple directions on the package, and soaked my diapers in the Strip It. After rinsing the diapers, they were ready for use. After the first time, there was a noticeable lessening of odors, but it wasn’t quite gone. I’m left wondering if after 2 years of buildup, maybe one treatment of Strip It wasn’t enough for the diapers. I used the product on my diapers again, and my diapers are actually usable, if still a little bit smelly. I think if I keep using it now and then, it will eventually flush out all of the buildup, and I can really start depending on using cloth exclusively!

Laundry Tarts, thank you for saving my diapers!! Laundry Tarts main attraction is their all natural laundry detergent that come in 10 yummy dessert inspired, phthalate free scents! It is safe for all types of water, washing machines, fabrics and skin types. They are also cloth diaper safe and hypoallergenic!


Laundry Tarts is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!! One lucky blog reader will win a sampler pack of their all natural Laundry Tarts Detergent! Thank you Laundry Tarts for the review Strip It and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway! Open to US and Canadian residents.

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26 Responses to Laundry Tarts, Strip It Review and Detergent Sampler Pack Giveaway!!!

  1. Jenn L

    Strawberry shortcake!

  2. Lindsay Doak

    mmmmm love laundry tarts!

  3. Amy S

    I would like to try Shaker Bon Bon in my diaper pail to combat ammonia. It stinks every time I open it to drop in another diaper.

  4. Amanda Naugle


    Thanks for the opportunity I always wanted to try this. I actually just found Laundry tarts yesterday on facebook!!! I would love to try this as I cannot find a detergent that does not irritate us! Soo hesitant to buy any more and be dissapointed!! Another product Laundry Tarts has is the Sweet Spot Stain Bar!:) PS- My daughter loves there website!! So girly

    Amanda Naugle

  5. Heather Collins

    I like the Black Forest Cake scent 🙂

  6. Rachel N

    I would love to try the bubblegum scent detergent

  7. Melissa

    I would like Pina Colada

  8. Kristy

    Birthday cake is my favorite scent 🙂

  9. Beth R

    I like pina colada scent
    email subscriber at bethany333 at hotmail dot com

  10. Patty S.

    Shaker bob bob deodorizing powder

  11. Heather!

    Oh wow! These are so cool! I think the Black Forest Cake scent sounds scrumptious!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  12. Anne

    I like to try Apple Pie.

  13. amy v

    i’d love to try their sweet spot stain bar

  14. Wendy W.

    They have Rootbeer Float flavor!!

  15. Jennifer Schafrath

    I want to try the Strip It in birthday cake, pina colada or key lime pie. They all sound so delicious, I can’t decide!

  16. Jessica Cintron

    They have a Strawberry Shortcake scent

  17. Addison Kat

    key lime pie, yum!

  18. Heather Sewell

    Banana Bread!!

  19. Andrea

    Key Lime Pie!!

  20. Lily Ivey

    I would like Pina Colada.

  21. Amanda Hoffman

    i would like to try key lime pie

  22. Heather S

    I would like birthday cake!

  23. Amy Kasycz

    The Rootbeer Float scent is great!

  24. Rochelle Sindelar

    Birthday Cake!!!

  25. Denee

    I’ve never tried this!
    We recently moved into a new house after 5 months of cloth diapering and within a few weeks,our diapers started to stink!
    I’m guessing it’s the hard water-but we also bought a HE toploader and switched detergents around that time….I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the ammonia smell-which ends up leading to burns 🙁
    I am devastated….maybe this product would work?

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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