Zipfizz, Healthy Energy Mix 5 day Challenge Review & Giveaway!!!

I was asked to try Zipfizz’s 5 day challenge for a review, I agreed to drink 1 Zipfizz energy drink a day for 5 days straight and blog about my experience. First I will give you a little information about Zipfizz:

Zipfizz is made of all natural ingredients, it gives your body a rush of vitamins, minerals and key amino acids, primarily Vitamin B12, the energy vitamin. It contains fewer calories, lower carbohydrates, and no sugar, so users will have increased energy for up to 4-6 hours without the “crash” associated with other energy drinks. That Zipfizz is primarily water when you drink it, it keeps you hydrated and refreshed on hot days!

Zipfizz comes in small airtight containers that keep the mix fresh until you need it. They are small, so they fit almost anywhere, like my purse, diaper bag, or just waiting in the car. You just mix it into water when you need it. I got 5 different flavors of Zipfizz to try each day of the challenge, it was nice to have a variety rather than having the same flavor every day. They all tasted pretty good with a hint of fizz, they had a bit of a vitamin-like flavor, like kids chewable vitamins. There was Berry, Citrus, Grape, Orange Soda, and Pink Lemonade flavors, they were all good, I liked the berry flavor best. I also got a handy water bottle to use with my Zipfizz drinks, it has a marker line at 16 ounces so you can fill it up with water right to the line, without having to measure before you pour it into the bottle!

Now before I started the challenge, I had been feeling tired for weeks, and was always wishing for a nap by 2 or 3 in the afternoon, so I thought this would be a great time to try out the Zipfizz. Once I started drinking one a day, I noticed that I was not really tired in the afternoon anymore, I felt awake and energized,the energy drinks were doing their job!

I am impressed by this little drink mix, it is a healthy way to give you energy. I do not usually drink energy drinks, because of all the sugar and additives they put in them. But Zipfizz gives your body what it needs without sacrificing flavor or adding that unhealthy junk!

If you are interested in Zipfizz energy drinks, I am happy to announce that they are sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One lucky reader will in a 5 day supply of Zipfizz and water bottle! Thank you Zipfizz for sponsoring this energizing review and giveaway!!! Open to US residents.

Zipfizz 5 Day Supply with Water Bottle Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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11 Responses to Zipfizz, Healthy Energy Mix 5 day Challenge Review & Giveaway!!!

  1. Jennifer C

    Zipfizz contains 25 nutritional ingredients:
    9 VITAMINS: vitamins C, E, all the Bs, and folate
    8 MINERALS: potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, sodium
    ELECTROLYTES: magnesium, potassium
    AMINO ACIDS: arginine, taurine
    ANTIOXIDANTS: green tea extract, vitamins C and E
    THE 4 G’S: Grape seed extract, Ginger, Green tea and Ginseng!

  2. Casey

    They also have an Immune Fizz with stevia

  3. Wendy W.

    They also have Energy Shot Fruit Punch-24 Pack!

  4. Cristen C.

    THey have grape energy shots.

  5. Patty s.

    The energy shots are equal to a big can energy drink

  6. Rochelle Sindelar

    The Orange Cream sounds good!!

  7. Hannah Pitts

    I learned that Zipfizz contains no sugar and that it is sweetened with Xylitol and Sucralose

  8. Melissa

    They have energy shots!

  9. Julie

    All flavors sound good. I need a boast in the afternoons to keep up with the kids.

  10. Heather Collins

    The energy shots are the equivalent of one full energy drink in a can.

  11. Kristine F.

    Zipfizz has created an advanced formula that provides all the right things in a small package.

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