Snugg Smart Cover Companion iPad 2 Back Cover in Black Review!!!

I am back again with another review from Snugg.  This time we are reviewing the Snugg Smart Cover Companion for the iPad 2 Back Cover in Black.  This cover is super easy to put on and will protect your iPad from scratches and wear.  It is not bulky or awkward but sleek and very functional.  This is a great choice if you have a type of cover that covers just the top of your iPad 2.

The Snugg Smart Cover Companion – iPad 2 Back Cover in Black is a durable slip on case constructed of TPU in a slim fit profile; because of its TPU construction, it is highly resilient to oil and grease, and so it stays looking great long after you’ve bought it. The custom design allows access to all the ports and sockets so that you can continue to use your external peripherals such as keyboards and portable iPad chargers without needing to remove the iPad from its case.

With this magnificent marvel, you can rest, assured in the knowledge that your iPad can better withstand the occasional knock or scrape, protected from the perils of everyday life, like the sharp keys in your bag or the occasional drop during casual use.

Thank you to Snugg for the review Snugg Smart Cover Companion – iPad 2 Back Cover in Black.  You can check out all their great products at  


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