Little Miss Matched Sliderz Flop Flips Review!!!

I recently had the opportunity to review some flip-flops or as they call them, flop flips, from Little Miss Matched, they are called LMM Sliderz. These fun sandals have guides on the thongs that allow you to slip in thin plastic inserts. They have 6 different packages of reversible Sliderz, each designer pack has it’s own theme, like Tropical Mix, Wild Things, and Rock it! You can mix and match the Siderz in hundreds of  combinations to create your very own style every day! The Sliderz inserts are very easy to slip in and out of the guides, and come in perforated plastic baggies so you won’t lose them. The LMM Sliderz start in girls size 3-4 (their adult size XS) and go up to size 9-10 in adult sizes, so a girl can be a girl as long as they want!

The flip flops come in four different colors, and two styles, the LMM Platform flop flips come in black/green and pink, and the regular LMM Flop Flips come in blue/purple and green/pink. The sole of the sandals are made of a comfy foam material and have LMM embossed in many different fonts on the top, creating a unique design that almost gives you a foot massage as you walk!


Little Miss Matched was created to inspire girls to show off their creativity in a fun way that celebrates self-expression! They started out with their colorful, fun and funky socks that they sold in odd numbers to allow a girl to mix it up and create her own Miss Matched style. They have now grown to include a wider variety of accessories for the girls who enjoy their funky mismatched way of thinking! After trying out their fun, customizable, Sliderz flip flops, I really recommend checking out Little Miss Mismatched if you have a young girl that loves to create her own colorful style! Little Miss Matched makes being mismatched cool!

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  1. Ann B.

    These are cute, my daughter would really like these!

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