Nuvo Group, Ritmo Premium Advanced Prenatal Audio Sound System Review and Giveaway!!!

There is a lot to be said for the advantages of listening to music. No matter how old you are, music offers benefits as it stimulates the brain functions, and sharpens reasoning and logical skills. It can relax or excite you, and even help you learn. Music enhances quality of life, wellness, education, creativity and emotional expression. The value of music doesn’t just start after you are born: A baby can start to hear sounds outside the womb by 20 weeks after conception. Research has shown that listening to music while in the womb has a stimulating effect on a baby’s brain. As a child listens to music, he is actively focusing on patterns and rhythms so he can sing and dance along. These auditory impulses help structure communication through speech, movement and expression. These advantages are sure to have the same effect on a baby in utero.

Nuvo Group has created a sound system primarily for playing music safely and effectively for a baby in the womb. The Ritmo Advanced sound system was made with safety specifications in mind so you can play music for your baby with peace of mind that there are no risks involved. Research shows that it is unsafe for the baby to have sounds placed in one or two specific areas on a mother’s belly, as there is too much sound concentration. The Ritmo audio belt has four speakers that safely disperses the sound from four strategically place speakers and ensures your baby has a 360 degree listening experience. The Safe and Sound Controller is the brain of the Ritmo Sound System because it can actually learn the patterns of music and plays it at a continuously safe and stable decibel level to benefit their physical growth during pregnancy.

I received the Ritmo Premium package for review, this package includes the revolutionary 4 speaker Prenatal Audio Belt, the Safe and Sound Controller, an extension belt, and Washable Protective Pouch! All you need to provide is the MP3 player. Even though I am not pregnant, I had to see how well this system works. After charging the Sound Controller, I hooked it all up, which was simple thanks to the easy to read directions. I was pleased to find that it was compatible with my Droid. I found everything to be very well-made and durable. I’ll even admit that I tried it on, and it was comfy and secure. The sound quality was excellent and clear, played at a low, soothing decibel. I can just imagine how it would feel to have my baby reacting to the music in my womb, maybe going from super wiggly to calm and tranquil. The Sound Controller has an extra earphone jack so you can hook up your earphones and listen to the music along with your baby. The speakers are removable so you can machine wash the belt if needed.

I am excited to let you know that Nuvo Group is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings! One very lucky blog reader will win an entire Ritmo Premium Advanced Sound System! Thank you Nuvo Group for this fantastic Ritmo sound system review and this amazing giveaway!!! Open to US Residents.


Nuvo Group, Ritmo Premium Advanced Sound System Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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18 Responses to Nuvo Group, Ritmo Premium Advanced Prenatal Audio Sound System Review and Giveaway!!!

  1. Desiree

    i learned that you can play any type of music you record, even record your own voice (or other important people in your family) for your baby to hear while in the womb. And I also learned that babies can hear when they are 16 weeks gestation. This is pretty cool, also when mother and baby are calm their stress is both reduced.

  2. Christyn Mckenna

    I learned that the system is a 4 speaker surrond sound! How awesome!

  3. Jennifer C.

    I think it is awesome that the music played in utero is remembered after birth!

  4. alexis janiszewski

    I love that fact that you can pick your own music! Also that it really supports you…. exercising.. is a everyday thing for me so this is perfect!

  5. Patty S.

    The babies remember the music later in life

  6. Heather

    I appreciate the research behind the product.

  7. Daisy

    you could Plug your MP3 into the Nuvo Safe & Sound Controller and set the level of surround sound you enjoy

  8. Marsa McCool-Solis of Ourazfamily

    I learned that Ritmo is the only product on the market designed specifically for prenatal use.

  9. brooke t

    you can pick your own music

  10. Robin H.

    Ritmo provides a safe music listening experience for baby.

  11. Cristen C.

    I learned that it has a controlled music capability. It automatically adjusts to be at a safe level for your baby.

  12. Melissa

    It has a four speaker surround sound

  13. Beth

    I learned that this can be used into the toddler years as well. Love that it is not just for inutero!
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  14. Casey

    I learned that through digital acoustic technology, the Ritmo Safe & Sound Controller also ensures the best sound quality output for both you and your baby

  15. Anne N.

    love that it can play music!

  16. Rochelle Sindelar

    I like that you can plug your MP3 player into it and pick the music of your choice.

  17. Angie M

    it can play music

  18. This is such an amazing technology!

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