The Monster Eater Kit Review and Giveaway!!!

The Monster Eater Kit

I am in my third decade of being a parent.  With five kids from toddlers to young adults, there is one issue that I have heard from countless parents.  That issue is monsters.  My kids are a bit different because they never went through that. While I know my youngest 2 are still very little, and it could become an issue, right now they have no fear of monsters and think they are funny.  What is not funny, is the stories of interrupted sleep, tears and terror that little ones and their parents experience when there is an issue of monsters.

Over the years, I have heard about filling a spray bottle with water, adding some glitter and telling the child it was a special spray of monster repellent.  Well, one mom took that idea a bit further when trying to get her daughter through her fear of monsters in her room.  Seeing the fear in her daughter, she knew that other kids may be facing the same fear, and she wanted to help.  The Monster Eater Kit includes The Monster Eater’s Battle Under the Bed book, by Wendy Lasater, Einar-The monster eater plush doll and the Monster Eater monster repellent spray bottle.  There is a special T-Shirt that will be included in the first 200 kits, that will remind a child to be brave.

Many children discover they have a monster in their room and are afraid to go to sleep.  Unfortunately, adults have a hard time seeing the monsters to help make them go away.  Now there is help! Join Sophia as she gets help from the brave Monster Eater to get rid of the monster lurking under her bed.  After the battle, Sophia discovers a magical secret to conquering monsters forever! 23 pages, fully illustrated by Nick and Sheri Gillett. Book size is 12 inches wide x 9 inches tall – a great size for smaller hands.

Plush Einar  is designed to be scary to the monsters yet nice to all children.  He was designed to provide that little extra comfort to children in knowing they can snuggle up to the hero who will defeat any monster in their room (and maybe fall asleep a bit faster too!)  Einar is approximately 15 inches tall and stuffed just right to be extra cuddly.  He is featured throughout the book and helps bring the story to life for kids. NOT recommended for children under 3.

If your child needs that little extra feeling of really making the monsters go away when they are lurking about, this special weapon is the tool!  Just fill with water and equip your child with the added bravery that whenever a monster is sprayed, the monster will magically disappear! NOT recommended for children under 3.
Let your child proudly show the world they are BRAVE by wearing an Einar Tee Shirt!  Each shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton jersey.  Kids really love wearing these cool shirts!Why not top it all off, since you’re at it?!

This is a great kit that has everything you need to ease your child’s fears and help everyone get the rest they need.  If your child is having an issue with monsters, visit

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14 Responses to The Monster Eater Kit Review and Giveaway!!!

  1. Kimberly Schotz

    Stuffed Einar is 15 Inches tall

  2. Janet W.

    I learned the story was specifically developed to be read to children to let them see there are other children out there that also have monsters to deal with in their room.

  3. Gladys Parker

    It is surely a different concept to child’s bedtime but it makes sense use a monster to keep away a monster.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  4. Melissa

    This story was created because a mom wanted to help her daughter conquer her fears of a “monster” in her room.

  5. Patty S.

    These stories make kids fell they are not alone in their fears

  6. Heather Sewell

    I love that it was designed by a mom!

  7. brooke t

    This story was created because a mom wanted to help her daughter conquer her fears of a “monster” in her room.

  8. Britnee Gorham

    This story was created because a mom wanted to help her child overcome her fears of a “monster” in her room. I think this is a wonderful idea and concept. It would be wonderful for my son!

  9. Christina

    “The story is a great way to make your child feel they are not alone” Maybe with the stories help I can get my 3 year old out of my bed? lol

  10. Julie Lundstrom

    I am hoping this would help with two things with my son 1) to help him eat like the monster eats for my son only eats one thing with sensory food issues with Autism. 2) I hope it helps him feel safer and not scared at night with the lights off.

  11. Rochelle Sindelar

    This story was created because a mom wanted to help her daughter conquer her fears of a “monster” in her room.

  12. Monster Security System

    Some children can use systems like this one. Getting a child to sleep at night can be a challenge.

  13. Casey

    The Monster Eater can help your child defeat their monster with a magical story of a little girl who needed some help getting rid of the monster under her bed

  14. Angie M

    it was designed by a mom, that is great

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