BOX4BLOX, Award-Winning Toy Storage Solution for Legos Review & Giveaway!!!

If You Are Sick Of That LEGO DISASTER ZONE You’ll Love the BOX4BLOX!  BOX4BLOX, the award-winning toy storage solution for organizing and storing Lego. BOX4BLOX was voted “Best New Home Organizing Product of the Year” by National Association of Professional Organizers BOX4BLOX eliminates all the hassles of keeping Legos organized in the home and actually makes clean up time fun. BOX4BLOX works like a coin sorter, grading the Legos through a series of different sized grids, so the Lego bricks end up in a tray with similar sized blocks, with all those hard to find tiny bits and pieces ending up in the bottom tray. No need to tip the Legos all over the Floor BOX4BLOX is an attractive ten and a quarter inch cube manufactured from ABS plastic, the same high quality plastic used to manufacture Lego. BOX4BLOX holds approximately 1500 – 1700 Lego bricks. BOX4BLOX is not only for the kids as Moms love the BOX4BLOX, making it a practical gift idea for every boy and girl who loves Lego. BOX4BLOX is made in the USA and available exclusively online.  You can purchase the Box4Blox at

It seems as parents one of the things we find ourselves talking about with other parents, is how to keep our kid’s toys organized.  The worst kinds of toys to keep neat and organized are those with many pieces and different sizes.  Legos are lots of fun for kids and a very creative toy but their pieces can be tiny and are easily lost under couches, furniture, or even fall victim to the vacuum. Storing them all in a large tub keeps them contained, but makes it hard to find the different size pieces, and the smallest pieces just seem to disappear.  I was recently asked to review the Box4Blox and I gladly accepted.  The Box4Blox consists of 4 stacking bins and a top.  Only the bottom green bin has a solid bottom, the other three are sifters with a grid on the bottom with different size openings.  The red has the smallest openings, followed by the blue and then yellow.  Using this system will allow you to place Legos in the top stacked bin and gently shake and tilt and the Legos will be sifted and sorted into like sizes.  Now, your child can easily know that the smallest pieces, the little headlights, steering wheels etc. will be in the bottom bin.  The Box4Blox is a great way to easily sort and store your child’s Legos.  Take it from this mom, if you are looking for a better way to store Legos, check out the Box4Blox.

Box4Blox Giveaway:
Box4Blox is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own Box4Blox.  Thank you Box4Blox for the review product and for sponsoring this innovative giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.
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39 Responses to BOX4BLOX, Award-Winning Toy Storage Solution for Legos Review & Giveaway!!!

  1. Melissa

    It automatically sorts legos by size

  2. Cindy W

    Same plastic as the Legos and made in the USA!!!

  3. Malki s

    This is such a great idea I hate finding little Lego pieces all over the place. This is a great way to keep them all contained and sorted too.

  4. Desiree Gutierrez

    i learned that it separates legos by size with the biggest pieces on top (yellow) all the way down to the tiniest pieces (in the green). how cool.

  5. Rochelle Luaders

    It is sold exclusively on Amazon!

  6. Laurel

    It can hold up to 1600 pieces.

  7. D Schmidt

    Something I really like about is: 10¼ Inch Cube — Holds approx. 1600 Lego Pieces

  8. Serena Drago

    it sorts legos by size and can hold up to 1600 pieces

  9. Rochelle Sindelar

    I love that it automatically organizes Legos by size!!

  10. jennifer cashin

    made from the same plastic as lego

  11. Jessica C.

    holds approx. 1600 lego pieces

  12. lorain

    This is so neat! Love how it automatically sorts the lego pieces.

  13. Wendy W.

    It’s made out of high quality ABS Plastic (same plastic Lego uses)!!

  14. Pauline

    Sorts legos by size.

  15. Heather Sewell

    Made in the USA! Yay!!

  16. Matthew S

    It holds up to 1600 pieces and sorts them by size

  17. Patty S.

    How cool it separates the blocks by size!

  18. RefreshMom

    Love that it sorts by size.

    There is a heap of Lego’s in the middle of the living room floor waiting to be sorted. My son has more birthday money to spend but I told him he can’t buy any more Lego sets until he gets the ones he has sorted. (One of his gifts was a set of 1600 assorted Lego bricks!) It would make us both sooo happy to simplify the sorting process!

    Mary Hampton

  19. julie

    It’s made out of the same plastic that legos are made from!

  20. Rondah

    I like that it sorts blocks by sizes

  21. Ammaka

    The Box4Blox was voted the Best New Home Organizing Product of the Year.

  22. tanya

    I like that it makes picking up blocks fun

  23. Theresa J

    Made in the USA and sold exclusively online

  24. learned:

    10¼ Inch Cube — Holds approx. 1600 Lego Pieces
    High Quality ABS Plastic (same plastic Lego uses)
    Over 100,000 BOX4BLOX Sold
    Shipped Internationally From USA

  25. Gladys Parker

    Voted Best New Home Organizing Product of the Year
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  26. Ryana

    it can hold up to 1600 pieces!

  27. Heidi Daily

    It can hold 1600 pieces!!

  28. Jennifer C

    It’s made in the USA & after sorting I’d like to hide the green tray! 🙂

  29. Christyn Mckenna

    It Holds approx. 1600 Lego Pieces!

  30. Angie M

    holds up to 1600 pieces

  31. Cristen C.

    It separates the blocks by their size.

  32. Laura Sullivan

    Love that there are three are sifters with a grid on the bottom with different size openings!

  33. Paula K.

    I like having the smallest blocks on the bottom so the littlest grandkids won’t swallow them!

  34. Marisa May

    I love that it’s made in the USA and I love that it not just stores the legos but separates them by size. Great idea!

  35. erica meyer

    my son is a lego savant. he loves to build anything and everything. i just found this box4blox online and think it is incredibly simple yet genius! i can’t wait to get him one. the only thing better than having the legos organized would be organizing them for free!

  36. Loretta Smith

    I would love to win this for my daughter .. my grandson has sooooo many legos and hard to keep them picked up and work with… This would be such a great help… Wonderful idea..

  37. Kendra

    Love the lego idea! awesome! please pick me!

  38. Jayne Fleming

    I love that it sorts the Legos by size. I have so many Legos at my house for my Grandsons. This would be great to have!!

  39. Daisy

    hold up to 1600 pieces

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