New Blip Toys, Squinkies Zinkies Play Sets Review!!!


I’m sure everyone has heard of the toy sensation: Squinkies, the small squishy figurine toys that kids everywhere are collecting! Well Blip Toys is releasing a new line of Squinkies this month in a new smaller size. When Squinkies shrinkie, they become Zinkies! We recently connected with Blip Toys, and I was excited to agree to review these new teeny tiny collectibles. These new Squinkies Zinkies have the same detailing of the full size Squinkies, but they are smaller than the tip of your pinkie! They are launching with six unique sets that include; Tiny Tea Party Teacups, Tweetings Birdhouse, Small Aboard Train, Snug As A Bug Sunflower, Hide n Seek Blocks and Peek a Boo Mushrooms. Each set comes with 12 exclusive Squinkies Zinkies, 4 of which are hidden in colored bubbles so you get a surprise with each set!

I was sent the “Snug as a Bug Sunflower” and “Small Aboard! Train” sets of Squinkies Zinkies. My boys and I had fun opening the package and inspecting each soft, squishy Zinkie with the magnifying glass that was included. They got to open the 4 “surprise” Zinkies and enjoyed telling me what animal each was! I was amazed at the detail these little guys have for being so tiny, there was no problem distinguishing what kind of animal they were thanks to the specific details. The kids had fun playing with these cute little Squinkies Zinkies

Blip Toys has been creating trends in toys and developing original new products that have been enjoyed by girls and boys since their launch in 2000! Some of their quality products include Whimzy Pets, Zubber, and Hair Balls, among other popular brands. The original Squinkies have earned numerous awards since they were launched in 2010, and have been identified as some of the most coveted toys for the past two holiday seasons. Squinkies Zinkies will be arriving throughout the month  at retailers nationwide, including, Target, Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us.

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