Go Max Go Foods, Vegan, Dairy Free, Candy Bars Review & Giveaway!!!

If you love the taste of milk chocolate candy bars but are looking for a vegan, dairy free alternative then you should check out Go Max Go Candy Bars.  

Go Max Go Foods, set out to create extraordinarily delicious candy bars. They craved candy bars that were chocolatey, nougaty, caramely, peanutty, almondy, coconutty crazy indulgences! They wanted a variety of bars that popped with all the luscious flavor of the traditional treats. What they didn’t want in their candy bars was dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial ingredients, or cholesterol. They had a hunch your sweet tooth might be feeling the same way, and so they went to work on the concept. Happily, their efforts paid off and now even your inner angel (you know, the one who reminds you it’s gotta be vegan, or you’re dairy intolerant, or you need to kick those hydrogenated oils to the curb, etc.) can enjoy real candy bars again.

Combine great taste, good sense, sweeten with compassion, and what have you got? A Go Max Go candy bar! Their journey, over a year in the making, has finally brought to life the best tasting natural candy bars ever! We are pleased to offer to you the finest vegan versions of the candy bars you grew up with. Make room for the NEW classics.

Go Max Go Foods. Your taste buds will never know the difference.

I was sent 6 Go Max Food Candy Bars for review but when I went to review them, one was missing.  Apparently my oldest son did not know they were for review.  Likely story, but I heard no complaints so we are going to have to give that sixth bar a thumbs up.  The five bars I did get to review were:

SNAP!™-Toasty, crunchy, crisped rice POW! jammed into a hunk of rice-milk chocolatey BAM!

Buccaneer™-Rich, fluffy, chocolatey nougat covered in a creamy chocolatey coating. sound right about now?

Cleo’s™– Rice-milk chocolatey coating cuddles the creamiest, dreamiest, peanut butter filling ever! So, if this combo makes you want to walk like an Egyptian, Cleo’s peanut butter cups are for you!

Twilight™ – rich, fluffy, chocolatey nougat topped with a layer of thick, buttery-tasting caramel all wrapped up in their very own creamy, rice-milk chocolatey coating.

Jokerz™-layers of dry roasted peanuts, buttery-tasting caramel, and rich peanut nougat, sweetly wrapped in a delicious chocolatey coating.

The missing bar is the Mahalo™ – a gently sweetened coconut candy bar topped with three whole dry roasted almonds and covered in a luscious chocolatey coating.

All of the candy bars tasted decadent and delicious.  My favorites were Twilight, Snap and Buccaneer.  If you are looking for Vegan or Dairy-Free alternatives to milk chocolate candy bars but think you would be giving up taste, think again.  These bars are packed with the chocolate taste you’re looking for and nothing you’re not.

Go Max Go Foods is sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win all 6 delicious candy bars.  Thank you Go Max Go Foods for the delicious review bars and for sponsoring this scrumptious giveaway on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.

Go Max Go Foods, Vegan, Dairy Free Candy Bars Giveaway on Mommy Ramblings Rules:

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23 Responses to Go Max Go Foods, Vegan, Dairy Free, Candy Bars Review & Giveaway!!!

  1. April G

    The Mahalo looks DELICIOUS!

  2. Laurel

    The Twilight bar sounds and looks yummy!

  3. jennifer cashin

    The name of the company is after thier dog Max….and Mahalo looks yummy!

  4. Heather Collins

    Mmmnm…the Cleo’s sound amazing!

  5. domestic diva

    The mahalo sounds great — I love coconut.

  6. Melissa

    The Cleo’s sound really good!

  7. Casey

    The Twilight bar looks awsome!!

  8. Heather Galbraith

    They are cruelty-free!

  9. Ashley H

    I love that they are cruelty-free and I have being dying to try the Cleo candy that they make.

  10. Rochelle Sindelar

    The Twilight Bar looks super yummy

  11. Angie M

    Mahalo- yum!

  12. Jayne Fleming

    Cleo’s looks good

  13. Wendy W.

    The Buccaneer looks so yummy!!

  14. my son is allergic to dairy, so these are great for a special treat! i know he’d love Snap!

  15. Cristen

    I would like the Cleo’s!

  16. I could definitely go for a Jokerz bar!

  17. Patty s.

    Twilight looks good

  18. Britny W

    The twilight looks yummy!

  19. Want to try the Snap and Maholo

  20. Claire

    The Cleo’s sound really good!

  21. Kristine

    This company was named after their “pound puppy” Max

  22. Andrea S

    Would love to try the Buccaneer!

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