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Okay, I thought it would be fun to talk about our Pet Peeves today.  It is funny to think that some of the things that make us bonkers, other people don’t even notice.  So let’s play a game of: I’ll tell you some of my top Pet Peeves, and you tell me yours.  I am a little bit of a germophobe, so I am sure some of my pet peeves have to do with that personality trait of mine.  Okay here we go, I am going to list 5 of my top pet peeves below.

1. Bag Lickers

It seems no matter what checkout lane I choose, 8 out of 10 cashiers are bag lickers.  If you do not know what I am talking about, let me explain.  If you are like me and have lots of reusable shopping bags but always seem to be without them in the store, then you have probably encountered a bag licker or two.  Maybe, you have never even noticed and I am on the opposite end because I am hyper aware.  So since plastic grocery bags tend to stick together, it is sometimes difficult for cashiers to open them to bag your items.  So while I have seen some that keep a moist paper towel to wet their fingers, most just stick their fingers in their mouth to wet them and then take their saliva covered fingers to open you plastic bag and handle all the items going in that bag.  This grosses me out to no end and I wish I had the courage to tell them exactly what I am thinking; “Why don’t you just lick all my food before I bring it home? Don’t you realize what is on your hands?  You are handling money, didn’t your mother ever tell you that money is the dirtiest thing in the world?  Do you know where some of that money has been?”  I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  So I do appreciate self checkout when they have them and appreciate those cashiers that use moist towels to wet their finger tips.

2. Finger Lickers

No, I don’t mean Kentucky Fried Chicken lovers, I mean have you ever shown someone a magazine article or circular ad and they take your magazine and start turning pages and for some reason they need to lick their fingers to turn the pages.  It is at that point, I tell them just to keep the magazine and read it at their leisure.  I mean really, I asked you to look at something, not lick it.  I have issues here people and I don’t put my saliva all over my reading materials and I certainly don’t want anyone elses.  Probably why I no longer read the magazines in doctor’s offices or hospitals, anywhere for that matter.  One of the best things about my iPad 2 is that I have my own saliva free reading material wherever I go.

3. Money Lips:

Well, referring back to pet peeve one,  I was raised instilled with the fact that money, was the dirtiest thing in the world.  I just cannot handle when I see people put money in their mouth, to hold it while they do something.  Literally if I see that, I am dry heaving.  Along those lines are people who count their money and lick their fingers which I have seen by people and bank tellers everywhere. Yuck!!!  As I would tell my little ones, “Dirty, Caca, Yuck!!!”

4. Tissue Holders:

No not the ones in your bathroom that hold your toilet tissue, but those people who walk around with tissues in their hand.  Now I have nothing against the fact that they are carrying a tissue, but my peeve is that it is often these tissue holders that always want to touch you and shake your hand with the hand holding the tissue.  I am not big on shaking hands without tissues but please don’t touch me or my baby with a tissue in your hand.  Along these lines, I also cringe when a person that you see touching, wiping their nose and lips with their hands then immediately reaches out to shake your hand.  That’s okay lets just bow like the Japanese to show respect.

5. Serving Utensil Snubbers:

You know when you are having a big dinner with family and or friends and the food is  served family style on the table, and then someone goes for a second helping, and even though the serving utensil is in the bowl or plate, they stick their fork in to serve themselves.  I know if one of my brothers is reading this, he is laughing with me, because this is a pet peeve of both of ours and one of the offending people is one of our other 2 brothers.  Even my kids are aware of Uncle Blank and his less than hygienic table manners.  It is often after these people dig around in the serving bowl with their utensil, that they enjoy telling you how sick they have been.

6. Double Dippers:

The reason I don’t eat dips at parties is due to the double dipper.  When I entertain and if I am serving something like a platter of shrimp with cocktail sauce I will often serve the cocktail sauce with individual sauce cups so everyone can have their own and dip as much as they want.

7. Aisle Hogs:

You know those people in the grocery store or any store with carts, that walk in the middle of the aisle and have no idea they are not the only ones in the store.  Even worse they like to stop turn their cart just enough so it is across the aisle and zone out looking across the aisle at the condiments.  Some are pleasant when you have to mutter, “excuse me” but others look at you as though you should just wait or turn around.  Along these lines are people on the escalator who just stand there when it gets to the top or bottom after they step off.  Not a good idea.

Okay, so I went a couple over the top 5 that I told you I would share, but I couldn’t help myself, and it felt good to get that all out.  I know it’s my germophobiness (my own word) that make the first 6 bother me so much.  So now that I have let you in on mine, please feel free to tell me yours. 




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10 Responses to Pet Peeves!!!

  1. Sara Shay @ YourThrivingFamily

    I laugh! It sounds like you should do more online shopping!

    A few of mine: 1 Moms would let there kids touch your stuff with there grimy fingers and when you try to polity move the touched object they say, “oh, is that not ok?”
    2 People who drive up in the right side of you to cut everyone else off, “Yes you are more important than me, go ahead!”
    3Much like the aisle, oblivious people drive me NUTS! Again they are the most important people ever!
    4 Loud chewers. I can no longer handle sitting near my mother.
    5 People who practice personal hygiene in public. Nail clippers, finger nail files, even flossing have I been witness to – these things need to stay in the bathroom!

  2. Cristen C.

    My pet peeves:

    1) Smoking in public!
    2) Finger lickers (when turning pages)
    3) Ice crunchers: The people who finish drinking something and then have to chomp on the ice.
    4) The misuse of the words THEIR, THEY’RE and THERE.
    5). The phrases “I SEEN IT” or “IT’S BROKE.” (I’ve seen it or it’s broken).
    6) I hate when people wear rubber gloves to make your food, like in the deli, and pick up the community ink pen to write the name of your sandwich down WITH THE GLOVES ON. Or when they touch their face or hair with the gloves on and continue making your food. YUCK!

    • The funny thing is some people get all caught up on if the person is wearing gloves or not. I actually think it is worse when they are wearing gloves because they don’t change them and unlike their hands where they can feel something gross or wet and wash them, they just continue to work with the gloves. The grossest thing I have ever see was an employee go into a bathroom with his food prep gloves on and come out with the same gloves on. (Excuse me while I dry heave thinking of that) Then the next person is so hung up on gloves and is so glad he is using them but little do they know where he just was and what he was doing with those gloves that are now making his food. Yuck!!!

  3. karen M

    Mine Pet Peeves!

    Cell phone users while driving! They drive so slow and not pay attention to things around them, causing reckless driving!

    Folks that like to park almost diagonally across 2 spaces

    When Gas prices go up and hardly come down

    Bad manners, don’t seem to hear folks say these as much “Thank You, Excuse Me, Pardon, etc

    Folks talking on their cell phones at the movies!

    Parents with kids with no seat belts or car seats.

    Turn Signal.. Ohh boy where do I start.. Please turn them on!

    When I have Big guy out shopping with me, (17 years, built like a foot ball Player) is mumbling to himself randomly.. get dirty looks ,like he is crazy or contagious.. he autistic, folks need to show a little more compassion.

  4. karen M

    Totally with you on the Finger Lickers!

  5. Desiree Gutierrez

    I so understand most of yours!

    Some of my pet peeves are:

    people who chew and smack or talk when they are eating, i think its just disgusting.

    When parents take their children to the park to socialize not with their children but to talk to each other, ok with older children, but some I’ve seen really younger children like toddler/preschool age practically unsupervised. I don’t know it just makes me upset I have to babysit their children and mine it is not ok because I go wherever my son does and that means everywhere for my active little boy. I have to watch my child (he is autistic), but anything can happen to any child at any time and it makes me mad and really sad that some people don’t enjoy being around their child.

    It also makes me mad when some people let their baby crawl free or even young toddler in the mall play area when kids are just running wild from all directions. It is so scary I won’t even take my 4 year old on a busy day.

    Another pet peeve of mine is when people smoke around their children. It’s one thing to have a choice as an adult to smoke, but a child’s lungs are much different.

    Most California drivers, need I say more. I hate LA freeways. Also drivers that go way too slow when others are behind them. People talking or eating while driving. And also another pet peeve of mine is when pedestrians jaywalk across the street when there is a crosswalk less than 10 feet in front of them, worse is when they have a kid with them.

    I guess I am just a mom and a lot of my pet peeves are based around that. And those rude people that like to make comments or give bad looks. It used to bother me so much when people gave me the worst looks or comments when my son was having a meltdown, and I have felt like just screaming he’s autistic what’s your problem. I hated the comment, Oh he doesn’t look autistic… I have learned to ignore all these a little more because it takes away from helping my son, especially when it comes to his personal safety. Judgmental people in general bother me, no one knows what your life or situation is like unless they walk a day in your shoes.

    • That makes me think of another one, I cannot take hearing when someone is gulping down a glass of water or other drink. I literally cannot stand the sound of it. I can down an entire glass or two of water right after exercise or something and it does not bother me because I don’t hear that sound but anyone else and I am like grossed out and my daughter loves to do it around me, I am certain just to irritate me. LOL

  6. jennifer cashin

    Smacking lips or chewing with mouth open….number 1 pet peeve!
    Finger lickers too…I used to hoard the tacky finger (sticky finger) when I was working~ I had about 10 tubs of it and kept it in my purse and would offer it to people to use and keep!

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