RCA, Small Wonder EZ2100 HD Video Recorder Review!!!

I was recently sent a RCA Small Wonder HD Video Recorder to review.  I was sent the EZ2100 model and it was very easy to start using.  The thing that really threw me and almost made me give this a poor review was that prior to receiving this I read a review on Amazon.com that said something like,”Make sure you don’t use any of the high-speed SD Cards for this because they won’t work.  You need to use a class 2.  Now that just struck me as weird and I should have looked into it more but when it arrived even though almost all my SD cards are class 10, I found an old class 2 and put it in.  I was very unhappy with the video, however I was not thinking it was the card but due to the camera etc.  So I took several videos of the kids over the next couple of days and was not really happy at all.  The thing I liked best at this point was the RCA Memory Manager software that came with it. This software makes making great movies and special effects with your media super easy.  So finally I said let me try one outside, that was when my little 2 card was full so I opened my Canon 60D and took out the SD class 10 card.  It was at that moment that a huge light bulb appeared above my head and I thought, “Hmmmm, could this be it?  Could that lady on Amazon have no idea what she is talking about?”  With that brilliant moment I ran outside where I found my 4-year-old and took some video.  I came in and took a look, it was like night and day from the video using the class 2 card. My husband had told me that it sounded crazy when I told him that it said to use a class 2 card because in all our other HD video recorder we use class 10.  Well, I learned an important lesson that day, when you read something on Amazon that just sounds wrong, it probably is.  So I am so glad that class 2 ran out of space otherwise this review would have ended on a very bad note.

So okay, what do I think?  I think this unit is super compact and with the right class SD card takes good video.  You do have to be careful to hold the camera steady and I do not think I would want to use it for taping long events unless I had a tripod to hold it.  However for taking HD video that you can easily edit with great software, then upload to Facebook and You Tube you really can’t beat this video recorder for the price. It also takes still photos and has a full color 2.0 inch display.  The video recorder works best in good light and stores in a compact drawstring pouch that makes it super easy to keep in your purse to capture video any time.  I think this would be a great gift for a tween or teen this holiday season so I am adding it to our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.


RCA EZ2100 High Definition Digital Camcorder with 2″ Color Display

The RCA EZ2100 has a super slim profile that’s ideal for travel. The 720p HD, Sports (60fps) or Web Quality recording modes let you capture crisp video with ease. The 2.0-inch full color display is easy to see and great for instant playback. The included RCA Memory Manager Software allows you to easily edit, save or share your video on your computer, with YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, or quickly e-mail to friends and family. The RCA EZ22100 doubles as a camera and can take 3MP still photos. It has 2X digital zoom, HDMI connection for 720p HD TV viewing and built-in rechargeable battery. It also includes an A/V cable, USB cable, wrist strap, and carrying pouch.

  • Compact design is ideal for travel
  • 720p HD, Sports (60fps) or Web Quality recording modes
  • 2.0-inch full color display
  • SD/SDHC memory slot (card not included)
  • Built-in RCA Memory Manager Software
  • Easy sharing with YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr and e-mail
  • Easy editing and saving
  • 3MP still photos
  • 2X digital zoom
  • HDMI connection for 720p HD TV viewing
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • One year limited warranty
The RCA Dedication

Capturing amazing video has never been this easy. The power of portable digital video is now securely in your hands. Affordable and feature-rich where it counts, RCA digital camcorders are as accessible as they are advanced.

In a digital age where video allows us to stay connected to family, friends and fans alike, quality and convenience are absolutely vital. The marquee star of the show is the simple setup that gets you up and running right out of the box while the included RCA Memory Manger software makes moving, editing and saving video to your PC even easier.

Delivering sleek design and amazing portability RCA is garnering rave reviews. From a collection of compact handhelds to the high-def palm style offerings, this ensemble cast continues to shrink in size but grow in accolades. Capture the moment in an instant with RCA.

Record your greatest moments and share them with the world right away! Designed exclusively for RCA Camcorders, RCA Memory Manager Software makes recording, editing and sharing your videos simple, fast and fun.

Even the installation is effortless – Just copy it to your computer through the included CD or camcorder USB (models EZ5100R and EZ5100RDR) and the software launches automatically whenever the camcorder connects to your PC or MAC.

From there you’re good to go! Use your camcorder to capture video or photos. Quickly view what you’ve recorded or compose your own movie. Even image editing and touch-up is a snap. Connect your camcorder to your computer and share the love. It’s video made simple!

Here’s what you can do:

Quickly view your recordings

Watch your recorded videos right on your PC or MAC screen

Make a movie

Step into the director’s chair with your own custom movies

Trim and join your clips

Compose, assemble and personalize your masterpiece

Add theme, effects and text

Up the cool factor with professional quality effects

Edit and retouch your photos

Enhance your videos to make each scene picture perfect

Burn a disc

Publish your own movies and make DVDs to share with friends, family and even devoted fans

Save important recordings
  • Automatically archive your audio files online with the Moxy backup service (See mozy.com/rcasmallwonder for rates and complete details)
  • RCA customers get 2GBs of online storage space for free and 10 percent off any subscriptions at mozy.com/rcasmallwonder (See mozy.com/rcasmallwonder for rates and complete details)





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  1. paula guerrero

    RCA has horrible products, worst customer service, and will be boycotted. I work in retail and will make sure none of my customers purchase these product

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