Continuum Games, Lumps and Family Talk 2 Review & Give-Away!!! {Give-Away Ended}

I was recently sent 2 super fun games from Continuum Games for review.


The first has a Christmas theme and is called Lumps. Instead of fearing finding lumps of coal in their Christmas stocking, your child will be begging Santa for some of these Lumps. The Legend of the Lump game is that children around the world have been so good over the past few years; lumps of coal have built up at the North Pole. Puzzled by what to do with the excess coal; Santa’s elves decided to create an exciting new game that uses lumps of coal of all shapes and sizes. Lumps, the Elf Coal Game is the most addictive family dice game you’ll ever play! The goal is to score the most points in three rolls by rolling pairs of the same number. Roll a pair of 3s, score 3 points, a pair of 10s scores 10 points. What makes the game unique is that it has four different types of dice and there are few high numbers. On each turn you have to make decisions on which dice to keep and re-roll. Do you play it safe and hold a pair of 4s, or chance it and try for a high pair? The endless possibilities make Lumps exciting and addictive. This fun game makes a great stocking stuffer! All the coal pieces store in the zippered stocking storage bag.  This game is recommended for ages 6 and up, 1-100 players can play!


The second game is a great game that spurs lots of conversation among family members.  It is called Family Talk 2 and is the second edition of their award-winning Family Talk game.  Engage your family in meaningful conversations with this set of 100 cards filled with new and exciting questions.  This game is perfect to play anywhere, the cards are all on a handy carabiner that makes it the perfect travel game.  Family Talk 2 is the winner of the Tillywig Brain Child Award.  This game is suitable for ages 3 and up.  These cards have thought-provoking questions that will have your whole family talking and discovering new things about each other.

Continuum Games is providing Mommy Rambling’s readers with a discount code that will give them 15% off any purchase.  The discount code is funforallages.  Mommy Ramblings is also adding Continuum Games to our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide because their games make great gifts.

Continuum Games is sponsoring a give-away on Mommy Ramblings.  One lucky blog reader will win their own Lumps and Family Talk 2 Games.  Thank you Continuum Games for the review games and for sponsoring this awesome give-away on Mommy Ramblings!!!  Open to US residents.  We are running this give-away with Rafflecopter so enter below and good luck!!!

Continuum Games, Lumps and Family Talk 2 Give-Away on Mommy Ramblings:


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5 Responses to Continuum Games, Lumps and Family Talk 2 Review & Give-Away!!! {Give-Away Ended}

  1. Heather Collins

    I like Discombobulation!

  2. M&M

    I like barnyard stampede

  3. Diane Melendez

    I like the count your chickens game. Would be alot of fun for our little ones.

  4. Casey

    I would try Discombobulation!

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