yoomi Self-Warming Baby Bottle Review & Facebook,”Shower Power” Contest!!!

I am very excited to have been asked to review the yoomi bottle.  The yoomi is the first ever self-warming baby bottle.  A bottle and warmer in one, yoomi heats a baby’s feed to the natural temperature of breast milk at the touch of a button – in just 60 seconds!  The unique warming unit is rechargeable up to 100 times without batteries or having to be plugged in.  All pieces including the warmer are able to be sterilized and fully immersed in boiling water.  yoomi has 5 oz and 8 oz bottles with slow, medium and fast nipples available. The bottle is simple to use.  Just fill with breast milk or formula, push the orange button on the warming unit, wait 30 seconds and when the button turns blue put the cap on the nipple, turn the bottle upside down to allow milk to pass over the heating unit and fill the nipple. Then begin feeding your baby.  The milk will only be heated as it passes over the warming unit and into the nipple.  The warming unit will stay on for 60 minutes, allowing you plenty of time per feeding.  Yoomi is great for warming bottles on the go or for those middle of the night feedings.  yoomi is BPA Free and has a natural shaped anti-colic nipple.

In order to recharge the warmer, you have to boil it for 25 minutes and allow it to cool for 75 minutes. The warmer needs to be recharged after each use. This warmer is ideal for parents who plan ahead. It is important to always have your warmer charged before going to sleep or before a long trip. Yoomi is launching a microwavable cover for the warmer in 2012. The warmer can be placed in this microwavable cover and it recharges the warmer in 4 minutes (cutting down the recharge time by 21 minutes). With this piece, the warmer will be ready to use immediately instead of waiting 75 minutes to cool. Also, this cover protects the warmer from being exposed to any radiation. Therefore, it is safe for the baby to use.

 yoomi is launching a Facebook contest called “Shower Power.” In order to enter the contest, an expecting mother must be nominated by a friend or family member. The winner will receive an amazing gift basket with baby essentials that are worth $500. The nominator and nominee must “Like” yoomi’s Facebook page.  This contest ends December 8th and yoomi will be launching a new “Shower Power” contest every quarter.


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  1. Velva Stepp

    This would be a blessing to my grand-daughter as she is expecting her first baby in dec…

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    I follow Mommy Ramblings on FB

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