EcoTulips Organic, Pesticide Free Tulip Bulbs Review!!!

Brightwood, VA-based EcoTulips LLC is bringing positive change to the flower bulb industry by offering an alternative to chemically grown bulbs. Organic flower bulbs are grown without toxic pesticides which negatively affect the environment and have been linked to hive collapse in the honey bee population. The US imports approximately 800 million chemical grown bulbs from Holland every year.  EcoTulips’ bulbs let bee’s pollinate without being in danger. “Tulip Man” Jeroen Koeman, co-founder with wife Keriann, began importing the first organic bulbs in 2009. They have also hosted the nations only Organic Tulip Festival the last two Aprils, attracting fans from DC, Maryland and Virginia. Jeroen comes from a long line of tulip growers in the Netherlands.

EcoTulips sent me a lovely selection of organic bulbs to review.  Everything was packaged beautifully and had clear planting directions. My husband, Ethan, Luke and I planted them, and the bulbs were in beautiful condition.  We will need to revisit our planting areas in the Spring for part 2 of this review, but I think we are going to be in for quite a treat of colors.  I love that they are organic and chemical free because we do not use any type of chemicals on our lawn or in our gardens.  The funny thing is last year we had a colony of honeybees that were in a mass on our lawn and we called the local bee keeper and he gladly rehomed them for us.  They were probably very comfortable on our lawn since we do not use any chemical fertilizers or weed killers of any kind. We have learned to embrace the dandelion and have peace of mind that our children and pets can run and play in our yard without being exposed to nasty substances. EcoTulip is the only American source of organic, pesticide free tulip bulbs!!! 

I was sent the beautiful Purple Prince Tulip, Tulip Ile de France, Dutch Master Daffodil, Tulip Little Beauty, Tulip Menton , and the Fancy Tulip Finola.  I will be looking forward to Spring even more than usual this coming year.  I cannot wait to see and take pictures of these beautiful flowers.  I am so happy to have found a company that produces high quality, organic, pesticide free flower bulbs.  If you are looking to get some beautiful Spring flower bulbs that are not full of toxic chemicals and are kind to the earth and its inhabitants, check out EcoTulips, your family, the earth and the honeybees will thank you.  Stay tuned for part 2 of this review in the Spring!!!


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  1. I can’t wait to see how they turn out, I love tulips they are so pretty. I think it is great that these are organic/pesticide free! thank you for your review

  2. We noticed a lot more bees this year, then the previous years. I heard there was a decline on the bees, and bees are important for pollination for a third of our food supply. I support any products that will make help keep our planet healthy and help with our ecosystem! I think dandelions are pretty plant myself.

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