Keurig MINI Plus Personal Brewing System Review!!!

I was recently sent a red Keurig MINI Plus Brewing System to review.  Our family is no stranger to the Keurig Brewing System and we have been using a Keurig Platinum for going on 2 years now.  We do have the biggest brewer  and it serves us very well with the very large reservoir for the water.  The MINI differs in that you need to put the water in every time you brew, as it only holds enough for your choice of a 6 oz, 8 oz or 10 oz cup.  Right out of the box, it was super easy to set up and the quick start guide will get you brewing in minutes. All you really need to do is make sure all tape and packing materials are removed.  Run through a cycle of just water only to clean the unit.  Then you are ready to brew.  It takes a minute or two to heat the water and then it brews the coffee.  The coffee was nice and hot and it brewed quickly.

I think this MINI unit would be great in a dorm room, RV, home office, for someone who is the only coffee drinker in the house or for small spaces.  I am so used to the large reservoir on our unit, that it seemed like a bit of a pain to have to fill it every time you need to brew a cup.  For a large household with more than one coffee/tea drinker I would definitely recommend going with a large Keurig with the water reservoir, but for one drinker and for small spaces the MINI is a good fit.  The coffee tasted great in the MINI just like my large Keurig and the machine worked well.

This is where you put the water before you brew, You determine the size of the cup brewed by adding water to the rim of the circle of the size you want.

After adding the water put you selected K-cup in the brewer.

Close it and press that brew button.

When the water is hot enough, it will automatically start brewing your coffee.

When the unit is finished brewing open the compartment and remove the used K-cup.

Once the K-cup is removed you can close the compartment until the next time.

Mmmm, now to enjoy your coffee!!!

Mommy Ramblings thinks this MINI Keurig Brewer works great and would recommend it for either small spaces, college dorms, or for the only coffee drinker in a household.  The MINI comes in 3 colors and would make a great gift for the right person this holiday season.   We are adding this to our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

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  1. Wowzer, loving all the varieties of coffee that are available. I can see myself making my favorite iced coffee without spending the big bucks!
    Thank You for the review!

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