Grandoe, Leto-Women’s Texting Gloves Review & Exclusive Promo Code!!!

Well, is there a bit of a chill in the air by you?   Are you breaking out the Winter coats, hats and gloves? When the snow starts flying and the temperature dips, I know, I appreciate some warm gloves.  It is brutal, when your steering wheel is near frozen, if you don’t have good gloves on.  The problem with most gloves though, is while they keep your hands toasty, you cannot operate your smart phone and touch screen devices.  So do you have to sacrifice warmth for technology? Grandoe Corporation doesn’t think you should. For Fall ’11 Ciré by Grandoe is introducing their newest innovation; Sensor-Touch™ gloves designed to help people stay warm and stay connected.  Sensor-Touch gloves are built to be touch screen compatible and fashionable. They will activate all touch screen devices including Smartphones, E-Readers, Tablets, MP3 Players, ATM’s, Fuel Pumps and GPS Devices. Sensor Touch™ gloves are available in a variety of styles and fabrics, for both men and women, including products constructed with patent-pending TouchTec® Leather, Infi-Knit™ Technology and Conductive Thread Technology

I was recently sent a pair of Sensor Touch™ gloves with Infi-Knit™ Technology to review.  These LETO – WOMEN’S TEXTING GLOVES are warm, comfortable, stylish and will allow you to operate all your touch screen electronics while wearing them. With the widespread use of touch screen mobile technology, the availability of touch screen compatible products is essential. Ciré by Grandoe’s® Sensor Touch glove line offers the necessary touch screen functionality while stepping up the style. Mommy Ramblings likes these gloves so much we are putting them on our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.  

Special Offer For Mommy Rambling’s Readers:

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2 Responses to Grandoe, Leto-Women’s Texting Gloves Review & Exclusive Promo Code!!!

  1. that is a very inventive idea. I think it would be most valuable in cold climates when it is freezing outside and need to call/text someone. Thank you for sharing, I’ve never seen these!

  2. We have the cold weather starting here we had high 20’s at night this weekend. A bit chilly in my tent on friday night. We were just talking about these type of gloves around the campfire on our scout campout this weekend. I like the higher cuff around the wrist, roll it up to keep any drafts out, they look light weight and not bulky so that you can grab on to a backpack strap. I am thinking of a few pairs for myself, will be passing the word to the other parents as well.

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