ellaWrap Review & Discount Code!!!

There is just so much to do during the holiday season.  Wrapping gifts is one thing almost all of us have on our lists.  We spend so much time wrapping presents and after the presents are opened we throw bags of it away.  It is very wasteful when you think about it. Recently, I was sent some ellaWraps to review.  With ellaWraps there is no tape, no cutting, no paper, no ribbons and no waste.  It is so easy to just put the gift in the ellaWrap and tie with the attached ribbon.  The ellaWrap can be reused again and again unlike wrapping paper.  Just one ellaWrap, passed along over the years, can preserve our natural resources, while also providing a way to preserve your memories – each ellaWrap comes with a gift journal to record the special memories from each gift-giving occasion.

With lots of great styles there are ellaWraps for every occasion.  ellaWraps come in different sizes and are very well made so they will be able to be used year after year.  I am placing ellaWrap in our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide in the section Products To Help You This Holiday Season.  I was able to put some children’s sunglasses and a stuffed toy in the bag and with a quick tie of the ribbon I was done.  The gift looked cute and festive and the best thing is that the wrap does not wind up in the trash.  If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, then take a look at the ellaWrap.

ellaWrap is giving Mommy Rambling’s readers an exclusive discount code of EW26 that will discount 10% off a buyer’s total order at www.ecowrap.com. The code is active until Friday, November 11th.

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