Costume Supercenter, Captain Hook Child Costume Review!!!

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The leaves are changing, pumpkins and mums are in all the stores, the days are getting shorter and cooler, no doubt Fall is almost here.  If you are thinking about Halloween costumes, let me tell you about Costume Supercenter.  They have a huge selection of costumes and accessories for children and adults.  I was recently asked to do a review for Costume Supercenter and I chose the Captain Hook child costume.  This affordable costume shipped very quickly and included a pirate hat, waistcoat, jabot, waist sash, and pants with attached boot tops.  I ordered this in a size small and it was perfect for my 4 year old.  The only part that was too big was the hat. Since I had another pirate hat around that fit well, we just used that.  I am sure with a nip and a tuck, I could make it so that the hat that comes with it would fit as well.  The costume is good quality and looks great.  I added the hook and we were all set.  They have a Peter Pan costume and other pirate costumes if you would like to coordinate siblings and parents.  You can view all the great costumes at  Happy Halloween!!!


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  1. Marsa McCool-Solis

    He looks so cute in this costume! Our family is going as pirates to the Disneyland Halloween Event next month! I’m excited about it. Your kids are so darling 🙂

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