Pet Squeak’s Porch Pups Wood Dog House Review!!!

I was delighted when I was asked by Pet Squeak to pick a dog house I would like to do a review on.  I chose the Porch Pups Wood Dog House in size Large.  We don’t keep our dogs outside but they do run a lot and hang out outside during the day and it is always nice to have a little place they can get some shade or some shelter if necessary.  This dog house arrived in a large box.

 Upon opening the box you could smell the aroma of the Cedar which is naturally resistant to pests.  The pieces were nicely packed along with the instructions and hardware.

The first step was to attach the front to the two sides and then attach the back wall.  This was very simple and the pieces fit together perfectly.

The cedar floor is 2 pieces and notched just to be fit in and is up off the ground.

The the two sections of the roof go on and are secured with four screws to each side.

Then you attach the roof ridge.

Next you attach the side porch railings to the porch floor and put it in from of the dog house and you are done!!!

Ummm, something is not right here.

So  to recap, this dog house was easy to put together.  It is constructed of high quality natural rot resistant cedar, all the pieces fit perfectly and I would definitely recommend Pet Squeak Dog Houses.  Have a look at all the different styles on their Website.  You can purchase these dog houses on and CSN Stores.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review. It was hard to find reviews for this dog house. We have just ordered it.

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