Miracle-Gro® Kids Terrarium Review!!!


Scotts Miracle-Gro sent me a package the other day of their products to review.  The first review that we are doing on the products they sent is the Miracle-Gro Kids Terrarium.  We are big gardeners here and our vegetable garden is in full swing.  I love the idea of the terrarium because it teaches kids how plants grow from seed and then produce fruit when cared for properly.

We headed out to the deck and after unpacking the box and removing all the plastic coverings we got to work.

The first step was to put the pre-measured packages of gro mix in the containers and then add 3 Tablespoons of water and watch it expand.  Then give it a stir with the planting stick.  When all four were done we planted a few of the provided seeds in each container and labeled them and then put them in the terrarium.  We then covered them with the 2 plastic pieces that complete the top.  Now we take care of the little seeds and watch them grow into seedlings.

There was a neat little pyramid included that was an excellent tool for teaching little once the stages of plant growth.  It also explained what is needed for the plants to grow like sun and water.  It was a great springboard for education and you could tailor it to the age of the child and expand the conversation for older children.

All in all this was an easy project that provided a great opportunity to really slow down and concentrate on the planting and growing of vegetables and fruits.  If you have the chance you should try this with your kids.  Let me know if you do. Mommy Ramblings thanks Scotts Miracle-Gro for their support.   Now back to watching our seedlings grow. : )

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  1. Beverly E. York

    We bought 6 very small “on sale” azalea bushes last year. They made it through last summer and winter without dying and that was about it. This spring, as everything around was turning green and lush, these little bushes were pretty sad looking and very brittle. No flowers and brown looking leaves. In fact, they almost looked like they were dead. My husband (better known as Eeyore) was sure that they were as good as dead, said that fertilizer would never work, and was getting ready to pull them up and go buy some that were already large and healthy looking–and also very expensive. I said, hold everything–before we give up, let me look online and see if there is something we can do to save these.

    I read a review here and some at epinions on Miracid azalea/camellia/rhodedendron food. I then promised him if this didn’t work, we could pull up those plants and start over.

    Thank you to all of you who wrote reviews here and elsewhere. I want to add my own recommendation. Because–unbelievably, within two days after feeding, the first flowers were peeking out. It is now not even a full week later and all 6 bushes have flowers and/or buds. I counted at least 22 buds on one bush alone. My nay-saying husband first said that it was a coincidence but now he is talking about feeding them every couple of weeks!! I think he has become a believer. Me too–I never did tell him but I really thought those bushes were probably dead, too.

    Really amazing stuff!

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