Top Must Visit Family Attraction in Atlanta, Georgia

The wonderful folks at Georgia Aquarium brought us in for a full day of fun while we were recently in Atlanta.  Our day started with  “Growing Guppies,”  which is a program for 2 -5 year olds.  Luke and Ethan got the VIP treatment, they were the only ones and had a private session that included behind the scenes tour where they got to go to the top of the tanks in the back.  That was super cool for both the kiddies and Jimi and I.  We were inches from the Whale Shark they were learning about that day.  They got to wear lab coats and carry clipboards and make a Whale Shark hat.  It was really fun and we had wonderful knowledgeable staff with us that tailored the experience to Ethan and Luke.

Ethan drawing a Whale Shark

Our Little Scientists!!!

Luke holding tight to his blanket at the top of the tanks.

A Magnificent Whale Shark swimming right by us.

The culmination of the “Growing Guppies” program was meeting the friendly and cuddly Whale Shark!!!

After that we were set to explore the world’s largest aquarium.  We had a lot to cover, but it was so exciting and the exhibits were so captivating we were in awe the whole time.  The hands on exhibits were a highpoint of Ethan’s day.  He loved touching and petting the rays, that was great fun.  Walking through the see through tunnels in the tanks was just awesome, we got to view these magnificent creatures from all angles.

Daddy and Luke checking out the Shrimp.

Petting the Rays!!!

Beluga Whales!!!

Very captivated by the fish with his little pearly whites!!!

So much to see!!!

Lemonade Break!!!

So many colors!!!

Can you find Nemo?

We were in for a real treat later in the day at the “AT&T Dolphin Tales Show.”    This fantastic show just premiered at the Georgia Aquarium on April 2, 2011.  The show was 2 years in the making and is dedicated to creating memorable connections between humans and animals and helping guests better understand one of mankind’s favorite aquatic animals, the majestic dolphin.   Since no flash photography or video is allowed, I cannot share images with you but trust me the show is a must see when visiting the aquarium.   An original score was performed and recorded by a 61-piece orchestra at Sony Studios in Hollywood. Emmy-winning producers and directors, along with a team of talented individuals from TV, film and Broadway, developed the show. Some of the world’s most accomplished animal trainers were recruited. Together, they have created an experience which motivates and inspires guests.

One of the stars, posing before the show!!!

We had lunch at the aquarium which was enjoyable and offered a wide selection of food and drinks to suit everyone’s individual taste.  Once we were refueled we were ready to take on the rest of the day.

With two toddlers, it is sometimes hard to find activities and venues that can capture their attention for a day  but the Georgia Aquarium succeeded with flying colors or should I say flying fish!!!

If you are looking for a great aquarium to visit then be sure to plan a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, you will not be disappointed.

After a trip to the gift shop for two cuddly friends and some T-shirts we were on our way back to the hotel but we had memories to last a lifetime.  Thank you Georgia Aquarium for all you did to ensure we had a wonderful visit.  We truly appreciate all your time and effort.

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