Starting to Stress a Bit!!!

Okay, I am starting to stress a little.  I promised myself I would not.  Easter is coming, Michael’s surgery, and vacation literally on the heels of that.  Suitcases are down and ready to be packed.  I washed all the kids summer clothes, even the new stuff and it is ready to be packed.  Shopping is done for Easter dinner, eggs still need to be colored, the Easter Bunny has a lot of eggs and baskets to fill.  Lists are made and added to daily of everything that must be done.  The van is pretty well cleaned, we just have to put in the floormats we took out to clean and do a few little things and we will be good to pack.  I have to get together some fabulously interesting DVDs for the kiddies that will make the long drives go by quickly.  So, I  have moments of panic that set in, thinking if I will get everything done, even though I realize there are stores all along the way if we forget anything.  Last night I had a dream, we forgot the kids life preservers, so they could not go swimming.  When the panic sets in, I take a deep breath and try to relax.  I have told myself from the beginning, that I was not going to put huge expectations on this trip that would have to be met.  That is just not something to do when traveling with 2 toddlers.  So I am hoping to clean house, prepare some Easter desserts, get some packing done and relax as much as I can before we take off.

How are you before a big trip?  Do you stress?  Are you a list maker?  Do you set high expectations or do your go with the flow?  Share your stories here!!!


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  1. I make lists. Tons of them. I went on a cruise last year (my first one) and went into panic mode because I knew I needed EVERYTHING, since there weren’t many stores on the ship or they’d be super expensive for convenience items. But once I make the lists and pack the stuff, I feel better. Although I always have that awful “I’m sure I’ve forgotten something” feeling. Remind yourself that, unless you’re going someplace where they don’t have stores, even if you forget something you can always pick it up if it’s really important. Good luck and have a safe trip!

  2. Nicky @ Mommy on the Move

    I’m a girl that makes a list…..and not always follows it to a T, but try my best…..I also stress out big time before any trip with my 4 kids!! Its getting better as they’re older….but still I stress out!

    Anyways…….newest follower on Facebookand here 🙂 Come follow Mommy on the Move too!

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