Classic Lunch & Go™ Heated Lunch Tote Review & Coupon Code For My Blog Readers.

I was very excited to be chosen to review the Classic Lunch & Go Heated Lunch Tote (  This versatile tote can be used hot or cold.  I like the fact that it allows me to keep food warm while we are traveling.  I am able to keep a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches warm for the kids even if they want to eat them 3 hours after we hit the road.  With 2 toddlers this is really great, plus if you are on the road for a trip you can keep food warm from a lunch stop and they can eat it later.  It is also great for keeping food cold so no matter the menu, you can keep lunch fresh.  Another thing I love is the adjustable strap it easily can be slung over my shoulder and feels secure, leaving my hands free for the multitude of other things I need to carry.  The 10″ by 8″ roomy soft sided bag allows me to pack a variety of foods very easily.  Keep a hot hero hot and a cold sub cold.

This tote is great to pack a childs lunch in school.  They can have a hot healthy lunch from home that will be nice and warm hours later.  This allows us to make healthy food that our kids will eat.  The tote comes with 1 reusable turbo heat pack that lasts for 5 hours hot and 8-10 hours cold.  The heat pack is heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer.


Take a look at their to see the variety of great products they carry like:

The Pre-School Bundle

The Husky Lunch & Go


Warm & Tote is providing a coupon code for any order my blog readers place-Use 20% Coupon Code “MommyRamblings”


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3 Responses to Classic Lunch & Go™ Heated Lunch Tote Review & Coupon Code For My Blog Readers.

  1. Kristina

    Did it really keep the food warm for 5 hours? I’d love for my husband to be able to take a hot lunch in the winter. He works construction and microwaves are rare.

  2. SH

    Itried to place an order using the coupon code from your blog but it applies any a 10% discount. Has there been a change in the discount being offered. Also, did you get a change to test if the product actually keeps food warm for 5hrs?

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