Finding The Perfect Beach Bag.

We are soon going on vacation and I need to find a huge beach bag that will allow me to carry most of our stuff easily.  I saw the Whale Beach Bag online today by Saltwater Canvas.  It looks pretty good.  It says it can hold six beach towels and suits.  It is mesh so supposedly all the sand falls through the tiny holes.  Does anyone have this bag and what do you like about it.  Anyone have other recommendations?

This really looks like the size of the bag I need.  My husband will probably say I could fill up 4 of them, but he always says I pack too much stuff.  It is really nice because it was designed  for families. The colorful mesh is weatherproof, strong, and easy to see through. Sand and water shake out easily, and the bag dries quickly. It has 8 pleated pockets hold toys, magazines, paperbacks, sodas, food, diving toys, sunscreen and more. The inside holds a hefty 6 towels with room on the top for the beach ball. Newer models have a ninth inner zippered pocket and carabiner hook for keys. The wide doubled shoulder straps run the entire length of the bag for unbreakable strength. The Whale Bag measures 15″ across, 15″ tall, and is slightly oval. Machine washable.

So what do you think?

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