Cherry Chip Gooey Butter Cookies & The Oscars!!!

As the time for the Oscars to begin approached, it seemed we needed a sweet treat to munch while we watched.  With not much time to spare, I thought about gooey butter cookies that I usually make with a chocolate cake mix.  However, this time I decided to try cherry chip cake mix.  Cherry chip cake mix is hard to find and not available in stores by us anymore so I buy it by the case online.  I have never used it to bake these cookies but since it says you can use any cake mix, how could I go wrong?  So I grabbed my few ingredients and got to work.

The ingredients are very simple: 1 80z pack of cream cheese (softened), 1 stick of butter (softened), 1/4 tsp of vanilla though I use far more, 1 egg, the cake mix and confectioners, sugar (1/4 cup).

When you have everything except the confectioners’ sugar mixed together, you then roll the dough into balls and roll the balls in the sugar and place on a cookie sheet.  Then bake them in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

Cookies will be soft so let them cool on the tray before moving them to cooling racks.

The aroma before baking which was heightened when adding the vanilla, was phenomenal, but cherry-vanilla has always been a good combination.  After baking the flavorful soft and gooey cookies were irresistible.  Hope you give them a try.  Please do not forget the give-away for the cutting board and bar boards ends tomorrow night.  We will hopefully have three winners but we need to get people to enter.

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