The Unexpected Green Pan Review!!!

When I came down this morning, my wonderful husband had already cooked the little ones their favorite breakfast of cheese eggs, buttered toast and bacon.  While I was getting my coffee, he told me he used the new Green Pan to cook the eggs.  He said this looking for my approval, wondering if it was okay he cooked in it.  When I told him I had only done the pre-review, he told me he did take pictures of the process.  I asked him for his impressions of the pan and he raved about how well made the pan is and it is very easy to see and feel it is a commercial grade fry pan.  He said it heated very evenly and the eggs cooked so fast.   When he added the cheddar cheese it melted fast and was not sticking to the pan.

The greatest testimonial on the non-stick surface of this pan, is that as I sat down to post this review, I asked my husband if he had cleaned the pan yet.  When he told me he had not, I ran into the kitchen to look at the pan.  There was next to nothing in it and a quick wipe of a towel had it looking brand new.

We are very impressed with these pans and highly recommend them if you are looking for a safe non-stick pan.  Please check their website as they have a wide range of products.  Thank you again Green Pan for making a product I feel confident using around  my family and pets.

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