Great Bay Pottery Review!!!

Great Bay Pottery sent me two beautiful pieces of their hand-made pottery to review yesterday.  They sent me a batter bowl and a pitcher.  These pieces are  hand-made and individually glazed before the final kiln firing.  The best thing is this pottery is lead-free and made in the USA!  The pieces are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

These are the beautifully crafted pieces they sent me.

You can see they are proudly made in the USA.

The batter bowl is a medium size that I think will be great for when I am melting chocolate in the microwave.  It is also a great choice for sauces and small batches of pancakes or waffles.

The nicely crafted handle makes picking the bowl up very easy and feels secure.

The spout makes pouring an easy and tidy task.  The colors are very county, and the heart leaf pattern is simple and beautiful.

The inside of the bowl has gentle circular ridges.

My overall impression of this batter bowl, is that it will be a piece I reach for often in my kitchen.  From scrambling up a few eggs, to making a chocolate sauce it is very handy, not to mention beautiful.  I am sure you will be seeing this piece in many of my baking and cooking posts in the future.

The second piece is a nicely sized pitcher, just right to hold fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast or milk for a late night snack with the family of milk and cookies.  It feels very nice in your hands and is a nice weight.

The handle is very comfortable for pouring and gives you a nice secure grip.

The inside of the pitcher is a nice hunter green like the batter bowl with the same soft circular ridges down to the bottom.  This is a piece I will reach for a lot in my kitchen.  I love the colors and design of the tall grass with a dragon fly soaring over the tall blades.  The nice blue, green and grayish speckled colors are very cozy in a country kitchen.

I am very impressed with the pieces I was sent and I will be looking to add some  of this finely crafted and functional pottery to my kitchen.  They have other colors and patterns like Amber Celedon, shown below.  Check out their website to see the wide variety of pottery they carry at

Great Bay Pottery History:

Since 1992, the dynamic group of talented clay pottery artists that have given Great Bay Pottery its name and continued success; have been creating beautiful, functional handmade pottery; unparalleled in its quality, design, and reputation.

Located in scenic North Hampton, N.H.; Great Bay Pottery boasts a fully-stocked retail showroom full of traditional pottery art. Just steps away in our fully-operational studio, you are invited to watch as our talented artisans hand throw, decorate, glaze and fire the very pottery pieces you seek to buy.

With tradition, creativity, and skill as our guides; we are confident that you’ll find that perfect one-of-a-kind custom corporate or personalized occasion gift (wedding, anniversary, birthday, christening, graduation, etc), timeless collectible, or art display piece of top performance functional pottery stoneware.

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