This Mom is Going to Snap!!!

The button on my camera, that is.  What did you think this was going to be about?  Me losing my mind?  Not yet, thankfully.  I think most of you know I have a passion for photography.  I am rarely seen without my camera around my neck, even when out fitness walking long distance.  I get very upset if I see a great shot and do not have my camera, so I tend to keep it in arms reach.  As most photographers will tell you, we have a good deal of money invested in our cameras, lenses and gear, so we need a good bag for travel that will keep everything safe.  Can we dare to be stylish as well?  Why, yes we can!  I am excited to say that I have a special offer for my blog readers. and I have teamed up to bring you all a special discount code for 10% off their collection of camera bags.  Visit the site and take a look at all the great products and take advantage of the additional savings if you find something great with the code CARLY10.  Happy shopping and of course happy snapping.


IT bag, patent pending

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