My Little Cupcake Pop Mold Review.

Well, I just got done making about 40 cake pops.  The “My Little Cupcake Company” sent me a mold and one to giveaway to a reader of my blog.  They sent everything out so fast and gave me a nice history of the company and business cards and brochure. The mold was invented by a mother of 3.  I love mom-invented products.   The mold itself is very sturdy and easy to use.  It has a hinge on the bottom which is very handy and makes the mold really easy to operate even with sticky hands.  The company will be coming out with at least three more designs in the near future.  If you can’t wait to see if you win the giveaway, you can visit their website at You can purchase the mold direct from there or they are available as well on

The first step is to take your cooled baked cake and put it into a large bowl and break it up into small pieces.

Then I added my cream cheese frosting and mixed it all together.

Then take the mixture and scoop it out with a cookie scoop and put the balls in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

You will have about 40 balls.  Then take your “My Little Cupcake Pop Mold”

Open the mold and put one of the balls in.

Close the mold and let the excess squeeze out.  Then wipe off the excess and put it into a bowl to re-mold later.

Open the mold and you should have a nicely formed little cupcake.

Repeat with the rest of the cake balls and then put the formed cake balls in the freezer again for at least 30 minutes.

Melt your chocolate, then dip the bottoms of the cake balls into the melted chocolate.

After you dip it in the chocolate, put a pop stick in it and let it dry upside down.  When dry, melt the white chocolate and dip the top in white chocolate and sprinkle with decor of your choice.

Stick the pops into Styrofoam and keep going.

Okay so that is it.   Now for my review.  This was not a lot of work until the end.  The dipping of chocolate is messy and tedious.  There are also some casualties where the ball falls off the stick.  I think that is why some people just make cake balls and not pops.  The mold itself worked well.  It is just a lot of work and for me I do not know that I would do this again.  I mean the end result was okay but nothing that spectacular that I would have to make these again.  Maybe it is me.  Maybe I am not that creative or this just is not my thing.   I do not feel the need to rush and make another batch.  Like I said, someone else may have a knack for it, and I do appreciate that the mold was designed by a mom.  As I said in a previous post she does recommend using a pack of Oreo cookies and a brick of cream cheese.  Maybe that mixture holds better and definitely is less work than making your own cake and frosting.  Maybe sometime soon I will give that a try, who knows?  It depends how fast I forget.   I am giving away one brand new mold.  If you want it and you will give this a try then you need to subscribe to my blog and like my Facebook blog fan page.  In the next day or so I will post a post about the giveaway and it will have the instructions for the contest.   I think I am going to spend a bit of time with my treadmill now.  Have a great Saturday night!!!

I will leave you some pics of the little guys eating them.  Luke had a problem with it falling off the stick but he solved that by just stuffing the whole thing in his mouth.  : )


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  1. Dani Brown

    Carly… a couple of tips for getting the cake pops to stay on the sticks better are to use smaller sticks (the lollipop sticks…I think 4”) and then when you put the sticks in them, dip the actual stick in the chocolate before you stick it in the cake pop. Then wait until it hardens onto the stick before you dip the top. The chocolate in the center (that you dipped onto the stick) should harden fairly quickly since your cake pops should be cold from the freezer and it will act as more of a glue. Great job though! Lots of fun : ) And YUMMY! We LOVE using the colored vanilla candy melts!!

    • Thanks Dani, these were the 4 inch lollipop sticks. There were only a few that slipped down the stick so I guess it was not that big of a problem in the big picture but if I ever do make these again I will dip the stick. Just very messy and a lot of work at the dipping stage. Who knows I could just be tired (and I am). Like I said maybe in a few days I will be willing to try it again. If I do it with the cake, I think I will add less cream cheese but I may give her Oreos and cream cheese a try to see if that molds better. I just wanted to try it with the cake first.

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