Woombie Prices Slashed!!! Hurry and take advantage of this super clearance sale before they are gone!!! SOLD OUT

I am slashing the price again off the already marked down price on the original Woombie Swaddle.

I am an authorized Woombie distributor and I have to clear out some stock.  I am having a huge sale.  I have many styles and sizes (see below) and I am selling them for 16.99 a piece (that is a huge savings on retail).  I will ship 1 in the USA for 3.25.  Add 2.00 for each additional.  Or I will fit as many as I can in a flat rate envolope or box for you, for the actual shipping.  Send me a pm if you want to order and I can send you an invoice and you can pay by Paypal.

Thanks for the interest ladies here is what I have on sale (hurry they are going fast)


The Original Woombie Baby Cocoon Swaddle

All are packaged and brand new!


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17 Responses to Woombie Prices Slashed!!! Hurry and take advantage of this super clearance sale before they are gone!!! SOLD OUT

  1. Danielle Flood

    Hello! I am interested in one of your woombies but I’m not sure what size. Our baby girl is 8.5 weeks old and probably about 10-13lbs. She is wearing 3 month sleepers and most clothes. Do these run big? Small? True to size? What size would you recommend? I just don’t want her to out grow it in a week if you know what i mean 🙂 I was kind of thinking the big baby in solid pink but not sure. Thanks so much!!

  2. Erin P.

    Do you still have any of these left? My daughter is 10-11 lbs but pretty tall (23-24 inches). Which size would work best? Thanks!

  3. I need one BIG BABY woombie is girly colours 🙂
    Can you please email me? I have been searching for one! We need it yesterday 😉

  4. tammy

    Hi I would like to buy the white newborn with the green trim just one for now If you can email me the form and I will pay by paypal.


  5. Pixie Le


    Do you have any left? Do you ship to Australia?

  6. Do you have any left? 🙂

  7. Tammy Cech

    Are there any newborn left…for summer. My daughter is about to give birth and she lives in AZ where it gets very warm.
    Blessings and thank you.

  8. BB

    Do you have any mega baby woombies left??


    Do you have any big baby left?


    Hi there – I know I might be pushing it, but do you have any big baby left?

  11. Tanya Lans

    Do you have any large sizes left? Do you post to Australia?

  12. Samantha cottrell

    I am desperatly wanting 2 summer woombies big baby for a boy do u have any and how much to ship to Australia. Thank u

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