Giant Cupcake Cake? Is it too much cake?

Who has made one and how easy/hard was it?   Since the cake ball/cake pop post, I have been seeing a lot of sweet things.  It is funny because I am just starting a new regime of very little sugar and a lot of exercise.  One would think looking at things like this would make me have cravings but it is actually doing the opposite.  I am looking for inspiration for Michael’s birthday cake for February 13th.  I saw these and I am wondering  if they are really worth it.  I mean they look nice but the practicality of it has me wondering.  I mean, I guess you put the filling or frosting between the top and the bottom and then either frost the whole thing in contrasting colors or do just the top.  You could make an accordion paper replica of a cup cake liner for the bottom too, especially if you leave it unfrosted.  I just wonder how it is when you cut it.  I mean it seems like a lot of cake and little frosting or filling.    The cake had better be very moist or you better have a lot of milk on hand.  : )  If I do it, I think I would purchase the Wilton pan.  I do not like the idea of baking or cooking in silicone.  I would love to hear your comments if you have made one of these cakes.  Until then, I will keep pondering and satisfying my sweet tooth by looking at pictures.  Hey, I lost 4 pounds and don’t feel deprived.




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