Cake Balls Anyone?

I was looking at some baking videos on YouTube and I found a very long one of an older woman making “cake balls.”  I was unsure of what they were exactly and the video was a bit comical though not intended to be.  When I first saw the slight haphazard demonstration, I was taken aback.  Why would anyone want to do that?  With the urging of a good friend to look a little deeper, I did.   Okay, so I found better pictures and videos of  “cake balls” or “cake pops” and I think I am going to have to make them just for spite.  : )  In case you have not yet heard of this confection, it is simply a baked cake of any flavor broken up into crumbs and then mixed with frosting.  You then form the moist sweet mixture into balls and freeze them.  Then you dip the frozen balls into chocolate and decorate as you wish.  Below, you will find some very cute examples of cake balls.  I do not think my first attempt will be comparable to anything like this but a girl can dream.

Anyway, some of them are downright cute and look very yummy.  I do like the idea of making them and wrapping them individually as a centerpiece for a birthday party that the guests can take with them.   Some are done two-tone or with added sprinkles and candies or to look like iced cupcakes on sticks.  There is a large variety and from perusing one of my cake decorating groups, apparently very popular.  I guess, I am a little out of the loop as far as cake balls go.  So, in a way I feel like I am in a Dr. Seuss book and after saying how I would not, could not, eat those cake balls, I am going to make and try them after all.  So don’t hate on the cake balls just yet.  You might like them, you will see, try them and you may you see.  Still learning lessons from the good Dr. Seuss.




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