Zoey and Sassy Are 4 Months Old!!!

I thought I needed some updated portraits of the little puppies today.  It was a very impromptu and fast photo session but I am glad that we did it.  Jimi just trimmed around their eyes yesterday and I think he made Sassy look like a Dandie Dinmont Terrier instead of a Maltese.    Zoey, AKA Zazzy is a West Highland White Terrier and Sassafras, AKA Sassy is a Maltese.  They are good little playful puppies who are full of spunk and personality.  They are not afraid of the bigger dogs at all and constantly wrestle, tumble and play tug o war with their huge American Bulldog brother and sister.   They are doing great out in the snow on their first Winter and  are great with the kids.   Enjoy the pics of these precious puppies!




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