Cakes, snow, shopping, cleaning, organizing and Disney vacations, to name a few of the things on my mind this week.

Cakes, because we have a lot of birthdays coming up.  Michael starts the pack with a February birthday, Ray’s is in March, Ethan is in April, Alexandra is in May and I am in June.  I have been stressing over Ethan’s cake.  The older boys are easy in the way they do not have to have a cake decorated with a construction site or their favorite character.  I usually order my cakes and they are elaborately decorated with the characters or theme the kid’s have always been into.  However, I bit the bullet and tried my hand (I am a good baker) at making and decorating Luke’s cake and so I am going to attempt a construction cake for Ethan.  I have all these ideas and pictures in my mind.  I basically know what I want to do so I hope it will come close to the pictures in my mind.  Only time will tell I suppose.

Snow, because we are getting another storm.  We are luckily not being hit hard and NYC and NJ will bear the brunt of the storm.  This is the trend that was last year, so hopefully it will  be this year as well.

Shopping, because tomorrow afternoon, Alexandra, Luke and I go on the famous Sam’s run.  Seriously we hit Sams every week.  I know there are many people who only need to hit the wearhouse stores monthly, but not us.  We need a weekly Sam’s run.  We have to stop at the eye doctor as she drove herself the other week to an eye exam and they could not dialate her eyes.  So, we need to stop in and let them do that and examine her dialated eyes.  Needless to say I will be doing the driving.  It also looks like a Wegmans trip is on the agenda as well.  I love Wegmans.

Cleaning and organizing, because we are working on our basement right now and are clearing out and organizing.   We finally got our exercise area  set up and I did 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill so that made me really happy.  I have also been going through the little ones’ closets and trying to get things organized.  That is always an ongoing battle.

Disney vacations, because in the Spring we are driving down to Florida and so I have spent the last few nights up to the wee hours of the morning researching villas, hotels, parks, packages and more.  My eyes hurt and I am not even sure if the little ones are just too little.  We are going down because Jimi is in a power-lifting competition in Atlanta, GA.  Then we are going to go to Florida to see his sister so we will be in the Tampa area.  I am looking at maybe doing Tampa Busch Gardens and Sea World instead.  I am not sure but we have to make our minds up soon because most of the booking deals end January 31st.

Some of the other thoughts running through my mind on these cold winter days are planning my garden.  Planning my garden really reminds me that spring is around the corner and I can taste it.  Spring always has me thinking of free-ranging chickens but then I am always brought to reality by my sane husband who reminds me that our dogs will put an end to free-ranging chickens.   He also points out he is the pet caretaker and he does not want any more to take care of at this point.  I can’t blame him.  He does all the work with the pets while we just get to enjoy the pets.  So one can still dream right.

Hope you all have pleasant dreams and that you all are staying warm and cozy on these Winter nights.  God Bless you all.

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