January 15th!!!

Yeah, we are halfway over with this month.  We are closer to Spring and just think another 2 weeks and we can say, “Spring begins next month.”  Yesterday, Alexandra, Luke and I went into Scranton for some shopping.  I got Ethan and Luke the most adorable dress shoes for their Easter outfits.  Some may think I am crazy that I already have the boys’ Easter outfits and needed to get the dress shoes but that is just the way I am.  Anyhow, they were so excited with their dress shoes they have not taken them off all day except for nap time and they had to go right on after they got up.  The first time Ethan put them on he went into a tap dance, it was just too funny.  Anyway they will not take them off.  They are the cutest little shoes too.  They are by Kenneth Cole and they are black with a little side buckle but there is a velcro so their feet go in really easy and they are super comfy.  I also got Ethan some new winter boots, and Luke a new Zero Exposure winter coat for next year because I could not pass up the deal and then I went to check out and a lady gave me a coupon for 30% off my entire order.   So it was a super deal and I bought some clothes for Alexandra as well.  Three cheers for secret special savings!!!

Hope you all are having a great January and remember Spring is so close now!!!

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