Fun in the snow!!!

Saturday we bundled the little ones up and let them go out in the snow.    Luke was so happy the whole time as you can see in his pictures and Ethan was eating and excavating the snow.  We are due to have a much bigger snowstorm tomorrow that could bring as much as 18″ so they should have a lot of fun.    Jimi and I and the little ones went on a much-needed trip to Sams and Wegman’s last Thursday night in prep for the storm.  We stocked up on essentials and groceries and really have been enjoying being home together-all seven of us.

Alexandra is going to start volunteering with Aileen Gunther from the NYS Assembly.  She is quite excited about doing that 2 days a week.   Well, just a short update and some pics.  Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay warm and drive safe if you are in the path of the storm.  God Bless.

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