Edible Arrangement of Germs!!!

It is no secret that I am a “bit” of a germophobe.  From the first time seeing the concept of edible arrangements I have been really repulsed.  I mean I have long been wary of dips at parties and have been known at my own to either put out individual cups for cocktail sauce or have a “no double dipping” sign in a dip.   I am sorry that is the way I am.  So, back to the edible arrangements, I hate the idea of unwrapped fruit that cannot be washed and even dipped in chocolate, just laying out there.  It is even worse when they tell you these are great for someone in the hospital.   Yummy, I would really like a piece of juicy unwrapped fruit on a stick that has been sitting out in a patient’s room or a nurse’s station.  Can you even imagine the germs attaching to those luscious pieces of fruit????  YUMMY!!!

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