Epic Fail Or So I Thought!!!

I like to eat and cook healthy things for my family.  Most of the time we have good results but most times I use whole wheat flour in cookies it is sandy or gritty and just tastes off.  I scoured the internet food sites and found a recipe for chewy ginger snaps that used whole wheat flour.  It had nearly 200 rave five-star reviews.   What could be bad?  Well, I put the ingredients in my mixer, formed the dough into balls, dipped the tops turbinado sugar and baked.  The  first batch spread all over the cookie sheet to form a rectangular sheet of ginger cookie that was soft but had a very sandy gritty texture and just lacked the deliciousness.  Second batch I made smaller balls and did not butter the sheet in hope that they would not spread as much.   They did not spread as much but they still spread and ended up almost like a taffy like candy than a cookie.  I do not know what I did wrong and I really do not know how they got the rave reviews they did.  After the second batch, the rest of the dough went in the sink.  Live and learn.  I have to update, as I posted this my dear husband came in and told me these were the best cookies to which my daughter agreed.  He said even though they were mishapped they were delicious and was so sad that I did not bake the whole batch and told me he loves them.  My daughter agreed.  Maybe I am too hard on myself.  Oh well!

I had high hopes!

They did not pan out!

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