The second of January brings the second gorgeous day of the new year!!!

January 2nd and a beautiful mild day.  I set out on my walk with my little man Ethan and Sassy Sassafras.  Ethan was so happy to go along and skipped almost the whole way.  He did stop to throw snow rocks into the lake but they did not make a big splash like in the warmer weather but skipped across the icy lake top.  It was Sassy’s first time around the lake and she was just as good as Zazzy (Zoey).  At one point Ethan picked her up and wanted to hold her but I appealed to him to let her walk and get good exercise too.   I love how taking a nice walk outside just energizes the body and minds of adults, children and dogs alike.  We all returned home, happy, refreshed and grateful.  Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the mild temps we are having.


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