Piles of Pizzelles!!!

As far back as I can remember during the New Year’s holidays I made Pizzelles.  My mother had this heavy pizzelle iron that was built to withstand a nuclear war.  The recipe we used called for a dozen eggs and made dozens and dozens of pizzelles.  During the years I have purchased various pizzelle  irons.  Some made four at a time, some two, different designs but the cookies taste the same.  They take me back in time and make me remember a lot of good times.  So today I pulled out one of the irons I have and whipped up a batch of dough.

It called for six eggs.

You whisk up the eggs before adding the sugar.

Gradually whisk in 1.5 cups of sugar.

Add 1 cup of melted butter, 4tlbs of baking powder, 2 tbls of pure anise extract.

Add 3.5 cups of flour a little at a time and mix thouroughly.

You can use a scoop or drop by the teaspoonful on the iron.  You will quickly find the right amount needed once you do your first batch.

Please excuse the sloppiness of my Pizzelles, usually they are neatly trimmed and stacked but in the middle of making them, my sons came home, one with his new girlfriend, my husband was building something on the porch and the two little ones kept running in and out, my daughter was running about too and it was like a zoo.  I just got them done as fast as I could and put perfection on the back burner.  The taste was the same as I remember and that is all that matters.  Happy New Year!!!

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