What a wonderful day to ring in 2011!!!

Well, it was gorgeous and so mild today.  At around 4pm I set off for a walk with Zazzy (Zoey).  It was Zazzy’s first time around the lake and she was so good.  She stayed right by me, did not wander ahead or lag behind.   She kept the pace and really enjoyed herself.  Jimi and the boys were working-playing outside.   Jimi is building a Bulldog barrier for the porch so no more of the spindles go missing.  As I explained in a prior post, my discontinued cedar porch spindles are being eaten by two very mischievous Bulldogs.  In the spring we will have to make the decision to have the replacement spindles hand milled out of mahogany or replace them all with a composite vinyl spindles and railing.   I am leaving those decisions for the spring and for now we will just build a barrier to prevent further damage.

It was incredibly mild, I did not even need a jacket.  The lake is semi-frozen.  Definitely would not be on the ice as it looks a bit thawing.  I guess we are right on target for the infamous “January Thaw” my mother always spoke about.  I took my camera and it was a great walk that definitely worked out my body and mind.  I find walking and taking pictures so relaxing and really helps to de-stress  and unwind my mind.  I especially love being able to look back on various pictures at different times of the year.  I love looking at my beautiful bright Peony flowers on a cold winter night, or see my kids splashing and swimming in the lake when we are blanketed in snow.

I really like that I started the new year off with a nice walk.  Getting my body back to the routine of my walks felt so good.  I mean walking on a treadmill is nothing to the experience of walking out in the beautiful world we live in.  When I walk with my camera there is always the anticipation of what I  might  see and photograph.  What great scene may I be able to capture?  I hope you all have a wonderful new year.  I pray we are all blessed with good health and great love in the new year.  God Bless.  Welcome 2011!!!

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