My New Year’s Eve Cocktail…

Well, it is technically my lunch cocktail and I drink it daily.  I mix it up a little bit but it usually always contains Kale because that is just a wonder-food.  If you read all the properties of this awesome veggie in its raw form you will be amazed.  The cancer-fighting properties alone are enough to make you consume large quantities.  So today I put in a lot of Kale, fresh organic Spinach, green grapes, fresh raw cranberries, fresh strawberries, organic baby carrots, kiwi with skin, large navel orange, large apple, small amount of water and ice cubes to top it all off.

Blended up this healthy cocktail in the Vitamix and voila, green smoothie time.

Yummy!!!  Happy New Year everyone!!!  Let’s drink to good health, increased faith, happiness and prosperity in the new year.


For those of you who question whether it tastes great or not…I leave you with this testimonial from one of my very favorite smoothie lovers.

Lastly, for those of you wondering if I am concerned about the smoothie stains…I am not, it is a great cleanser in more than one way!!!

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